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World War II Questions and Answers (Q&A)

USA, Soviet Union, Great Britain.. pretty much all Zionist countries during that time that went against Germany were the true Axis. Adolf Hitler = the most lied about man in history.

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The Treaty Of Versailles is the treaty that ended WWI that laid some of the unrest that would later explode into WWII.

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The second global war or World War II lasted for 6 years and 1 day starting from September 01, 1939 and ended on September 02, 1945. This war formed two opposing groups – the Allies and the Axis, and it was considered as the deadliest conflict in our history because there were more than 85 million casualties throughout World War II. This war started when Nazi Germany invaded Poland on September 01, 1989 and the declarations of war on Germany by the United Kingdom and France.

Germany formed the Axis together with Italy and Japan while the United Kingdom, Poland, France and their dependent states formed the Allies. When the war broke out in the Pacific, the Axis attacked Pearl Harbor, the Philippines, Thailand and Hong Kong. German forces surrendered on April 29, 1945 while Japan surrendered on August 15, 1945.

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Joseph Stalin was the leader of the Soviet Union during World War II.

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Because of this man!

Francisco Franco

Let’s go back to 1940. Spain was a nation that was struggling. It was recovering from the effects of the Spanish Civil War which had ended with Francisco Franco’s victory in April 1939. A few months later, WW2 broke out. Ideologically, Franco supported Hitler and was supplying the Axis Powers with goods and volunteer fighters(Blue Division) as a gesture for their help during the Civil War.

The Blue Division

He still supported the ideology of Hitler and admired Hitler initially. He wanted the colony of Cameroon but Hitler wasn’t ready to agree. Franco also refused to give the Canary Islands and Morocco to allow Germany to establish naval bases for battles with America in the Atlantic Ocean. Both leaders met at Hendaye in October 1940 in a meeting that was marked by improbable demands by Franco.

Hitler and Franco at Hendaye in 1940.

Hitler sent a secret deal in December in 1940 after the Battle of Britain which Franco kind of agreed to. Spain would help against England in Gibraltar allowing German soldiers to pass through the country and Germany would supply Spain with grain and raw materials. Franco was still very resistant to German soldiers in Spain so he did not allow Wehrmacht to come into Spain and Germany retaliated by not giving raw materials and supplies to Spain. Franco also set up defenses in the Pyrenees which enraged Hitler.

One of the reasons Franco didn’t allow Wehrmacht and an attack on Gibraltar were because half of the supplies to Spain came from the USA which the British Navy could easily blockade and end up starving the country. Spanish oil was imported from the USA which was ready to restrict oil supplies to Spain in case it joined the war.

The military generals of Spain were also anti-Hitler simply because they were being paid by the U.K. to keep the country neutral and they threatened Franco’s leadership. Franco knew he never stood a chance against the British Navy so one could say he kept delaying the alliance and Spanish involvement through his improbable demands. An example of great diplomacy by a military dictator.👏👏

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Lord Linlithgow used to be the governor general and the viceroy of India from 1936 – 1944. The time that he became a viceroy was longer than all of the others. There were a lot of events that occurred during his time aside from the involvement of the Indians in the World War are the following: The Congress ministries gave their resignation because they do not understand the need for the Indians to become part of the World War.

The Indian National Army was also formed. In the year 1942, the program Quit India Movement was also launched. There were a lot of things that occurred at that point. It cannot be denied that all of the things that happened are now part of history.

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A and B: : the world economy in the crapper with the stock market crash causing Hyperinflation. but prior to that the harsh retributions imposed on Germany at the end of WWI as stipulated in the treaty of Versailles was a root cause for WWII.

Hitler did not really hate the English: he just wanted to be their ruler. which is why he let the English and French escape from Dunkirk. He hated the communist more:

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Many factors led to the rise of the Nazi party. A major factor that led to the rise to power was the catastrophic state of the economy. At the time that Germany was recovering from the World War, it was hit realty by the Great Depression. The Great Depression caused economic and political UNREST IN Germany and other nations. Inflation rate escalated, business fell and the rate of unemployment was on the high side.

The Nazi party rose to power in 1993 and took over power in every aspect of the society in Germany and other countries which they occupied. The Nazi party was defeated by the end of the Second World War in 1945. The Nazis ruled Germany for a period of 12 years. Hope you find this information helpful.

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The correct answer to this question is true - Japanese once occupied some territory of the United States. During the Second World War, Japanese forces invaded some parts of the United States. They took over and controlled Kiska and Attu in the Aleutian Islands. Japan took over the territory on the 6th of June 1942. They occupied this territory in order to protect the Northern flank of the Japanese Empire.

The United States Navy constructed forces with consistent air bombardment battle against the Japanese forces occupying the island. The United States forces were able to destroy the Japanese station in Attu in May 1943. Towards the end of July of 1943, Japanese forces evacuated from Kiska which saw the end of Japanese forces on the Aleutian Islands.

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