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Violence Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Assault is against the law, so therefore Domestic violence is against the law. If someone reports being hurt by an abuser, the abuser can be prosecuted. Most of the time women or men fail to follow through with charges. It is illegal to harm someone.

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There is a little difference between a militant and a terrorist. Both also have some similarities, because they tend to use violence to achieve their needs. Militancy and terrorism are two international problems facing the world today. There are so many militant groups, as well as terrorist’s groups. Most known terrorist groups fight because of religion. However, a militant differs from a terrorist in some ways. A militant is someone that is fighting for a particular cause, and he tends to use violence to achieve his goals.

The good thing about militancy is that, it often fights for what seems right. Militancy mostly arises when some set of people are being maltreated. A terrorist, on the other hand, is someone who uses violence in fighting for a particular ideology and doctrine and makes victim to behave in such manner. Terrorists mostly fight for religion purposes. They kill whoever opposes their beliefs. Terrorists are formed through indoctrination.

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People being abused feel they ARE at fault, e.g. "he is having a bad day, and it's my fault that I am not more considerate of his feelings". They feel INsecure and feel they cannot escape. They often hope or believe the violence won't happen again, eg. they deny the problem, blame themselves, and are hoping that things will change.

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Is it because of the self-hatred that arises as a result of the ultimate denial and betrayalof the true self, the soul, and the reality of the true nature of spirituality, and then the projection of that self-hatred on to others.

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