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Tree Questions and Answers (Q&A)

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Black locust and Honey locust are types of trees that grow in warm climatic regions. Black locust is also called false acacia or yellow locust. The botanic name of the black locust is "Robinia pseudoacacia." There are about ten known species of Black locust trees. Black locusts are medium-sized trees that can reach about 50 ft in height. It has a straight trunk. However, the steams are zigzag in shape. The leaves appear dark green, and in fall, they turn to weak yellow. Black locust has very rough and dark bark.

The bark has groves that surround it. On the other hand, Honey's locust botanical name is "Gleditsia triacanthos." It is known to have about 12 different species. Honey locust can grow up to 60 to 100 ft. Tall. It often has a wide-spreading canopy and short main trunk. The leaves appear bright green during summer and change to yellow in fall. The bark of a Honey locust appears gray to brown in color. It also has thorns surrounding the bark.

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Hello There, It depends on the size of your tree. It is a small tree you can do it by yourself all you need to buy is a big scissor for cutting leaves and small branches. But if the tree is big and tall that's the time you will call a Tree Trimmer Service. You can go to the web and search for the nearest service in your location.

Here ill show you the actual trimming of tree in my backyard

This is what I'm trying to say to you if your tree is tall it is dangerous for you to climb up. That's, why you need to call a service, will help you to avoid accidents.

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Pine white short needles ,bunch of 5. Maple trees have u or v shaped outing.

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