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Storage Device Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Today, computers have changed since their inception by allowing for more memory space. Sometimes, nowadays there is not enough space on a computer to save all of your files. Sometimes, you have to save everything to a flash drive. However, sometimes, they get full too. When someone wants an optical storage device, then they need a disc drive to save the extra data that they would have saved on their computer.

They may want to have access to the information at a later time. Therefore, they may attack an optical storage device like those that can read CD’s. Magnetism is key when it comes to this type of storage. The amount of storage that these can hold varies from relatively small amount of storage to a large amount.

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Two categories of storage devices in a computer system are

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The answers to this question are 1 and 3, SATA and PATA. There was a time when the only way that you can enjoy songs and some movies is by having the right drive and these two interfaces made things possible.

Things may be different now and people surely use other devices in order to watch and listen to their favorites but it cannot be denied that those interfaces surely made some changes that makes listening and watching easier to do right now. The SATA is a high speed model interface that was used by a lot of blu-ray drives. The other choices were used for other things such as data printing.

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The two cards are the same and have the same function. Some primary differences include the capacity of the SD card. The SD card has much more capacity than the TF card. Micro SD cards have a lot of other functions including Bluetooth, GPS and Near Field Communication, absent in the TF. TF has a maximum memory capacity of 128 GB while micros SDs can hold memory worth two TB.

You can switch on a special security segment on the SD card, however, this feature is absent on the TF. Another thing is that the TF can serve as an adapter for the SD, plugging it into laptops.

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It can get confusing when Micro SD, Micro SDHC, and Micro SDXC. The Micro SDHC and the Micro SDXC have differences that will help you in choosing the one that will work best for your needs. The Micro SD is the standard version. This can be used for your different gadgets. The Micro SDHC means “High Capacity.” It has a higher storage compared to the Micro SD. Micro SDXC means “Extended Capacity.”

Some of the Micro SDXC cards can go up to 2 terabytes which can be very large. This is meant to be used when you want to have high-rate transfers. Any of the cards will work well but you may have some preferences depending on how fast they will work.

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Answer is option D
This option is wrong because the RAM (Random Access Memory) does not store the instructions to start the computer up this process is done by the Read Only Memory (ROM-BIOS).

RAM is used to store information so that they can be access quickly. It is the main memory of a computer and it is used to store data that you are working on as long as the computer is on, but is lost when the computer is switched off. RAM is known to be volatile. It allows you to switch between windows which you have open, it also stores the modules that are needed to make your application work.

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It is the flash disk which is connected to the usb port not the local disk c:

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When you have a computer or other electronic device, it can store information or data in it. However, it is not unlimited. There is only so much room to store documents and other bits of information. To measure the amount of storage space on a digital device, the measurement is called a byte. Most are measured in gigabyte, but the larger storage spaces may measure in a terabyte or petabyte. Today, most computers are measure in gigabytes.

The more gigabytes you have in your computer, the more information you can store on your computer. There are one thousand gigabytes in a terabyte. This means that one gigabyte is 1/1000 of a terabyte. The next larger levels after terabyte are petabyte, Exabyte, zettabyte and yottabyte.

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When you have a personal computer or other electronic gadget, it can store data or information in it. Notwithstanding, it isn’t boundless. There is only a certain amount of space to store records, documents and different bits of data. To quantify the measurement of storage on these digital gadgets, the estimation is known as a byte. Most are measured in gigabytes; however, the bigger storage containers in a computer may be gauged by terabytes or petabytes. Today, though most personal computers are measured in gigabytes.

The more gigabytes you have in your personal computer, the more data you can store on it. There are one thousand gigabytes in a terabyte. There are bigger measurements including exabytes, petabytes, yottabytes, and zettabytes.

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