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    Which of the following is the smallest unit of data which can be stored?

With the technology making our world a global village, a lot of computer storage devices have been manufactured. This has led to different types, shapes and designs of devices. Find out more about these devices in the quiz below.

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    Small portable disk inside a plastic cover. It’s thicker than the floppy and needs a special drive connected to the computer.

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    Which one of these hold the smallest amount of data

In the world today, there are many storage devices. Unlike the past, today we able to carry data in small devices, yet so much of it. How many devices do you know? What is the difference between them? Find out below.

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    1. Which of the following is the smallest unit of data which can be stored?

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    When configuring a new hard drive for use in a hot-swappable environment, which of the following connection types should be used?

Storage Device Questions & Answers

Which is an example of an optical storage device?
Today, computers have changed since their inception by allowing for more memory space. Sometimes, nowadays there is not enough space on a computer to save all of your files. Sometimes, you have to save everything to a flash drive. However, sometimes,
What are the two listed interfaces that are used to connect internal Blu-ray, DVD, and CD drives to the computer?
Sata-2. pata-sata and pata are the two correct answers, (ata/ide) is the 40-pin interface used by most cd and dvd drives and a few early blu-ray drives. sata is the seven-pin high-speed serial interface used by late-model high-performance dvd drives
Which of the following is NOT one of the jobs of RAM?
Answer is option D This option is wrong because the RAM (Random Access Memory) does not store the instructions to start the computer up this process is done by the Read Only Memory (ROM-BIOS). RAM is used to store information so that they can be acc
Which storage device below is connected to the USB port?
It is the flash disk which is connected to the usb port not the local disk c: