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This is going to be a long answer. So, it’s better to grab some popcorn and let us deal with this question. There are two possible life cycles of a star. The cycle is different for small stars and big stars. What life cycle will a star follow is determined by its solar...Read More

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As the name suggests these are two stars orbiting around a common center of mass. Binary star is the most common type of multiple star system. More than four-fifth of the light that we see are part of the multiple star system. One could be brighter than the other or both can have the same...Read More

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Hello : My name is Vishnu and I am doing 5th Grade. How can the answer be 9 ? . In our galaxy, would we not have millions of stars ?

Pl clarify.

Thank you

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It is false.

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They hope to find out by using radio telescopes to listen for signals of life there.

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The sun is an unusual star because it does not have any nearby stars circling it as most stars do.

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