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Spirituality Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Theological study and theology are a closely related academic discipline which is easily missed up because they both have a lot to do about God. Religious education is a study that deals with the research of religious belief, behaviors, and institution. It involves describing, comparing, explaining the religious history and cross-cultural perspective. It was originated in the 19th century. While theology is the study that deals with understanding the nature of transcendent or supernatural forces. Religious studies bring up multiple disciplines which are anthropology, sociology, psychology, philosophy and history of religion while theology is based mostly on the study of God and concentrate more on the Protestant and Roman Catholic religious sectors.

Religious studies as a course do not require and mandate its student to have some degree of faith in other to have success in studying the discipline, but for the case of theology, its mandate and require its student to have some degree of faith. The religious study explains religion systematically and emphasizes various theological perspectives, and it does not involve any spirituality, whereas theology examines the faith and religion of a person and examine his or her spiritual capability.

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There is no enchantment equation or conclusive test that can let us know precisely what our otherworldly endowments are. The Holy Spirit disseminates the donations as He decides (1 Corinthians 12:7-11). A typical issue for Christians is the impulse to get so got up to speed in our otherworldly blessing that we just look to serve God in the range in which we believe we have been skilled.

That isn't the manner by which the profound blessings work. God calls us to serve Him in every way submissively. He will outfit us with whatever grace or endowments we have to achieve the undertaking He has called us to.

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