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The main difference between abuse and dependence is that someone dependent on a substance needs it to function normally. The person develops tolerance to it and experiences uncomfortable symptoms when they cease taking it — people who rely on a drug need to detox. In either case, treatment will include therapy and perhaps medications.

The words abuse and dependence are usually used in tandem to describe negative attachment to alcohol and drugs. Risk behavior, illegal activity, relationship problems, and a loss of interest in your daily life are indications that you may be abusing drugs or alcohol. Abuse also implies that you may be putting yourself in dangerous situations, compromising your health, or neglecting essential commitments in favor of abusing drugs or alcohol.

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Capitalism and laissez-faire are both economic systems. There is no big difference between the two. Capitalism is an economic system that is based on private or corporate property rights, and it also includes the private ownership of resources. By definition, it shows that the means of production will be determined by private individuals. The government does not have so much control over the system. Laissez-faire, on the other hand, is also similar to capitalism just that government involvement or interference is absent.

There is no policy of the government on the economic system. In laissez-faire, you determine your own minimum wage. Both capitalism and laissez-faire consider any government policy or regulation as a big threat to their businesses. The major difference between the two economic systems is that capitalism may experience the interference of the government, while in laissez-faire, the system is left completely to private individuals.

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Majesty and highness are two standard terms used to address royalty. When addressing royalty, it is imperative to show the appropriate courtesy. Majesty and highness are two terms that have a philosophical and prosperous history rooted since the medieval period. Majesty is a title given to the king's, emperors, queens, and empresses. "Highness" is a designation for princes and princesses or other members of the royal family.

Majesty means the highest rank. The title "Highness" exudes grandness and honor as well as a respected status. When the monarch attains a second title, only one title is used in addressing the said monarch.

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Aristocracy and Feudalism are two different forms of government. The aristocracy was a form of government where the best citizen or the most admirable citizens ruled. Feudalism refers to a form of government where a give and take arrangement worked in which the warrior nobility protected the vassals in exchange for their services. In current times, an aristocracy is not ruled by the best; the wealthy or the plutocracy governs it.

An aristocracy is a type of government in which the most qualified or the best citizen was regarded to be the ruler. Later, the perception changed to aristocratic families being the ones with wealth, and there were only a privileged few that that rule. Feudalism was designated as a social system in which the lords, vassals, and fiefs were the critical component in society.

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These two words are pronouns that are used to refer to something. They bear a resemblance to each other in spelling and sound, yet they are two different words and meanings. The word everything relates to all things, and all seen or unseen, are part of everything; however, even nothing is a part of everything. When you deliver a message through conversation or writing, you use everything to refer to all things that are crucial about the subject. There is no limit to everything.

Anything, on the other hand, is used to denote any of the items that are about the subject matter. It refers to any portion of a whole thing, whole object, or entire idea. It can be either one, all, or some of the quantity or extent of a thing. Also, they refer to different things, and in phrases and sentences, they are used in different contexts.

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The definition of Utopia is a society or community setting where the people experience the ideal and most remarkable life possible. By contrast, dystopia emphasizes the complete opposite, which is a place of, particularly disturbing living and working conditions for most people.

Most of all, societal and governmental systems are inadequate and corrupt. Utopia is what many people think of as paradise. It's all about butterflies and flowers blooming and never-ending sunshine. It is a place where people are perpetually happy all the time.

The idea of Utopia seems impossible. Therefore, it is a complete work of fiction. In a dystopian world, skies are dull, grey, and lifeless. The sun does not shine down on the people.

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I personally believe that pornography is something that people can either appreciate or loathe. The main reason why it is loathed by people is religion. They consider it taboo because it shows people being reckless and being free with using their bodies. Those who do not think this way see pornography as an art.

They believe that bodies are like art and pornography shows people enjoying their bodies and experiencing pleasure in the process. It will always depend on people’s beliefs and how they were brought up. Sometimes, pornography is used by people to know what to expect when they are about to experience their first sexual act.

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The terms “Permanent resident” and “Citizen” are often confused with one another. Although both confer rights to live legally in a particular country, they mean very different things as explained below: a. MEANING: A lawful permanent resident is someone who has been the right to live in a particular country indefinitely. Permanent residents are given what is called a “green card,” which is a photo ID card that proves their status — on the other hand, becoming a citizen of a particular country through birth and naturalization. b. BENEFITS: Permanent residence includes the right to work and to petition for close family members (Spouse and unmarried children) to receive permanent residency to come over to the country.

Permanent residents remain the citizen of another country. On the other hand, a citizen of the country can leave and re-enter the country at any time without requiring a re-entry permit. A citizen can vote in the federal and local elections of the corresponding country. A citizen of a country cannot be deported from that country except there’s a history of fraud in the obtainment of the citizenship. c. LIMITATIONS: The permanent residents of a country do not have the right to vote during the election period. They are also subject to grounds of deportability. Once it is discovered that a permanent resident intends to leave that country to make a home elsewhere, it will be considered as abandoning your residence; hence, given up your green card. In contrast, citizens do not encounter any limitations.

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Many factors contribute to homelessness and poverty in today's world, may that be a decline in the wages for physical workers or a disproportionate amount of family members, less affordable lands, shelters, food which in turn leave them an option between survival needs and a shelter for the family and most of them chooses everything but a roof on their head.

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Because our forefathers taught us to question our government and to depend on our rights as individuals to protect our freedoms, our feelings about gun ownership are rooted in our historic struggle for liberty, which goes all the way back to the American Revolution. "The right to bear arms" is a significant piece in the Constitution of the United States. In more oppressive societies, citizens are deprived of this right.

Guns are used in this country for us to protect ourselves. Weapons are used to defend ourselves against imminent danger. The Constitution of the United States is created around a system of government that is by the people. The constitution restricts the government from having too much power.

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