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Social Life Questions and Answers (Q&A)

I think it depends on the actual guy and if he is mature and able to handle the responsibility of a relationship. The stage in the person's life should matter more than his actual age. The main drawback is the fact that when two people are closer in age, they tend to have more in common. It could be everything from life perspective to what type of music they like.

If the person is younger, they might not have the same priorities, and they may still be involved in partying, and more interested in doing that than having a committed relationship. However, a strong sense of adventure could be an asset to a woman who wants to be daring and try new things sometimes younger guys are better able to provide adventure and excitement in an older woman's life.

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Seek time with the girl and engage in a friendly conversation leading up to discussion of the prom. Say that you're looking forward to the event but that it would make it wonderful if you could be going with her. Ask, would she consider going with you?

I can't know whether you are in competition with several other hopefuls, but this approach will serve you far better than a casual, 'Let's go together' or 'How about it' which suggests that any old girl will do and you don't care much whether it's her or another girl. Good luck!

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It is difficult to approach anyone that hates you. I would start by understanding why they hate you. It would require a little bit more than just knowing why. You should try to be sympathetic with how they felt about whatever it is that you did. It could be something very small and they were already having a bad day.

That small action would be similar to adding additional baking soda to an already erupting volcano. I would also say you should give it time. Time is the ultimate healer. With enough time, the person would either forget what you did or it would no longer be as significant. Also, if you add good deeds to the mix, like getting her what she likes, especially without her asking, or being there for her, it would help her see that you are not defined by that one occurrence. Good luck.

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It is in human nature to seek security. Once a relationship is formed, an individual may become overly anxious that it will end or be too weakened. Therefore a departure, such as a partner working overseas, or a son leaving for university, may set up anxiety in the one to be left behind. However, clinging on rarely works.

Even if it results in a person staying, when entreated to do so, it will be with resentment and consequent loss of the love that had gone before. Nothing is simple, however, for the generous person who 'lets go' may be seen as not caring enough. "You never stopped me going" can be the complaint as much as "You wouldn't let me go". Oh, if Life were simpler!

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Yes you can if you would make more effort to do it. For some people, talking to someone is going to be easy. They can just go to one person, introduce themselves and just ask questions that will keep the conversation going. For others, talking can be a nightmare because they do not know what to say.

You can build your confidence by doing different things little by little. It will surely improve your self-confidence enough to start talking with other people easily. The worst thing that a person can do to you is to pretend that you are not speaking to them. This is not a life or death situation.

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Yes, I think the global famine crisis can end. With millions of people dying of famine and starvation every year, much can be done to cut out famine.

1. Regulating population growth, our ever growing population is a great contributor to famine. Regulating population will make it easy for the available resources to get to everyone and help reduce rate of famine.

2. Development of more international aid, if more international aid agencies are set up, food can be easily transported from regions with abundance to places suffering from famine.

3. Enlighten people on famine: englintening people on causes of famine, how to prevent it from happening and how to prepare ahead of a possible famine. All of these will help a nation prepare ahead of time.

If these tips are employed, over time, there would be an end to global famine.

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This depends on the particular school/college and its ethos, but generally speaking you need to show a degree of caution about dancing too wild and weird. Originally, proms were ultra conventional but things are looser now. Salsa has its origins in the Puerto Rico Bomba, but has elements of Mamba and others.

Popular showings can be quite extreme. Overly sexy dancing won't be acceptable, but salsa doesn't have to be like this.You can see a good demo on youtube (salsa dancing in Miami) which is skilful and elegant but not sexy. Make sure you know the foot movements well. Nothing worse than trying something complex and making a mess of it.

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Essentially, the one you're both most comfortable with. If the dance is a huge struggle, or an embarrassment, then you're not really enjoying the prom. But perhaps you're asking which dance form will impress most?

Anything danced with style, and preferably with neat, swift foot movements. A synchronicity in body movements is also rewarding to watch but requires work. So get practising!

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Don't spend an amount you'll regret! Disregard what the others are boasting about. Some have parents that can afford the Earth, some don't. Have a good look online at photos of prom dresses and consider whether you can alter a second hand dress.

A department store prom dress could set you back $250 or a lot more, and you'll see the same dress on others, perhaps. An elegant line, a colour that really suits you, those are what count, and good draping material rather than glitter and glitz. Be yourself and go for what you know suits you.

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