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    Is it true that you dont have a social life

Social Life Questions & Answers

What hurts more, losing a best friend or a lover?
Oh My God! Losing your best friend is like hell and nothing can be worse than this. Although love is impeccable and unconditional, it hurts more when your best friend breaks up with you for any reason. Friends are the biggest supports in life and the
Why are teenagers so rude and dumb?
Teenagers act rude and dumb because they are at a stage were they are trying to discover and explore many things to help determine who they really are. It's also a phase were they feel they are no longer kids that need to be control by parents, so th
Should bullying be considered a juvenile crime?
In my opinion, bullying should be considered a juvenile crime because it is already being rampant. There are so many people who get affected by this. Some are so broken by the bullying that they end up killing themselves. The worst thing is that thos
Why is education so expensive in the U.S.?
There are half-dozen possible causes for education being so expensive in the US. However, I have discussed a few of them only. So, let us talk about those reasons. One of the major reasons is that college tuition is too high and seems to only be inc