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Yes. Sleep deprivation can cause people to hallucinate. Hallucinations are a perception in the absence of a stimulus. It involves perceiving or sensing things while a person is conscious or awake. The hallucinations appear to be real, but hey are created by the person's mind. Someone can...Read More

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No one wants to go to sleep hungry. Their stomach may be growling, but eating before going to sleep may cause problems. It really depends on what you eat, but for the most part, people should stop eating a few hours before going to bad. Some people get acid reflux which may be cause or cause...Read More

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There are certain things that can be done to get a good night sleep. However, there are things that you can not do to get a good night sleep. Naturally, you can go to bed early. Having plenty of sleep will decrease the likelihood that you will wake up at different times of the night. Also,...Read More

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Sleep and Wait are two very different things. Sleep is something that people have to do every night or every day for some people who have night shifts at work. People are required to get more than 6 hours of sleep to let the body recuperate from all the things that it has gone through. Waiting...Read More

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Bipap-when cpap eliminates obstructive respiratory events in a patient with uncomplicated osa, the patient sleepy very deeply, with increased amounts of rem sleep, and usually wakes up refreshed. however, in a patient with inadequate ventilatory capability (muscle weakness or morbid obesity)...Read More

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While waking up-if you selected during sleep youre still very confused about what sp is. sp is, essentially, the paralysis of your body while youre awake. rem atonia is when it happens while youre asleep, during your rem sleep periods.sp occurs most often while waking up. many people mistakenly...Read More

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Eyes dart back and forth quickly
Small muscle twitching, such as on the face
Blood pressure increases or fluctuates
Respirations irregular; sometimes interspersed with apnea

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What is your usual bedtime and arising time?
Are you having any difficulty getting to sleep, staying asleep, or awakening?
Do you experience any depression, anxiety, or irritability?
Do you take naps?
Rate your sleep on a scale of 1-10, with 10 meaning you wake up rested and...
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