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100 pounds multiplied by 4 is 400 pounds. the four kegs weights 400 pounds.

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The documentation I got at my initial meetingstates that non reporting will cost the cadet $1400 (as opposed to $1600)of the available $16,000 in available scholarships.

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The answer to this is 400 pounds. Computing for this is going to be easy. You simply need to take a look at the terms that are used. The keyword here is total which means that you need to know all of the combined weight of the kegs of nails.

The best process to use for this is multiplication which means that your equation will be 4x100 = 400. It can be very useful to become familiar with the multiplication table especially if you would be required to multiply other numbers in the future.

You may also use addition for this if in case you want to. The equation for this will become 100+100+100+100 = 400.

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Since each keg weighs 100 pounds, it will be safe to assume that four kegs will be equal to 400 pounds. You can choose to multiply or to add. No matter what method you will decide on using, you will still reach the same results. For example, if you want to multiply, you can just do 4x100.

The answer to this will be 400. If you want to add, just do this equation: 100+100+100+100 = 400. Once you already have the answer, do not forget to place the unit as this can sometimes be enough to mark your answer wrong especially if you have forgotten to place the proper unit.

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.25 - .12 = .13

.12 - .25 = -.13

therefore .25 > .12

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