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Saturn Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Enceladus is known to be one of the moons of Saturn that is a bit different from all the other moons. It should be noted that Saturn has 62 moons. Some of these moons are still being studied while others are not probed yet and do not even have names as of present time. This type of moon contains various surface features.

There are some areas that come with craters while the other areas as are also very smooth. There are also some formations that are considered to be unusual by scientists. This is known to be an icy moon but it has the ability to reflect the sunlight that it gets. It is brighter than the other moons out there.

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Saturn is known to be one of the Roman gods in Roman mythology. He is known to be the god of sowing and the god of seed. He is supposed to improve the growth of the various crops depending on how pleased he is. This explains why there are some people who still make an effort to learn more about Saturn and what he can do.

Saturn in astronomy is known to be one of the outer planets yet this can be observed by the naked eye if you would look at the sky without any tools and gadgets. This moves slowly as compared to the other planets in the solar system.

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It is not a common feature of planets in the solar system to have rings. Saturn is one of the two planets that have them. The rings of Saturn are very prominent. In fact, some people are familiar with Saturn because of its rings. The rings are said to have come from one of the moons of Saturn that became too close to the planet.

In the process, the moon broke down and it formed a ring around the planet. The ring that you can see is composed of the remnants of one of its large moons. The particles of the ring can be different in terms of sizes. Some are as big as houses while others are like granules of sugar.

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A lot of the people believe then that the planets have a lot of influence on people. It is not only Saturn that is important to Indian astrology. Rather, all of the planets are considered to be important. Saturn is known to move slowly. This is different from the other planets that may move freely.

This pace means that it reminds people to be cautious. It can always signify something positive or negative depending on the decisions that people will make. Some hasty decisions might end up bad and others will give positive results. It is also believed that this can be related to father figures in our life.

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From afar, the rings of Saturn just look amazing. This is one reason why a lot of people are fascinated with the way that Saturn looks like. Most people do not bother knowing what those rings are made of. The rings are usually made of rocks, dust, and ice. Some of these particles are so small that they may look like grains of salt.

Others are quite large that they can flatten houses if they would be sent to earth. Together, all of these particles look like items that can provide Saturn with its unique ring. This is not something that can be observed in other planets. The remnants that have formed the ring of Saturn comes from a moon that is already gone.

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You know that the earth is solid. There are so many things on Earth that can actually be touched and held. The Earth and Saturn are two different planets but their compositions are not the same. While the earth is made of solids and liquids, Saturn is made of mostly gases. In fact, this planet is composed of 94% hydrogen.

It also contains helium, ammonia, and methane. Some say that Saturn is similar to a star because a lot of stars are made out of the same gases that the planet has. There are also some ices that are found on the planet which is expected because this is a cold planet.

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There are different planets that can be found in the solar system but all of them have unique qualities that will make them special. Saturn is known to be special not only because of its rings but because it is the least dense out of all the other planets.

The core of Saturn is solid just like the other planets but the outer layer of the planet is known to be made of gases that will not be as heavy as the other components that make up other planets. If you would compare Saturn with water, Saturn is going to be lighter. This may seem like a surprise especially since it is the second biggest planet in the solar system.

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There are some people who did not expect that Saturn is the 2nd biggest planet probably because it is the least dense out of all the planets that are part of the solar system. This planet is made of a lot of gases so it will not have any other components that will make it heavy. In terms of size, this is 2nd next to Jupiter.

The size of Jupiter is at 142,984 kilometers. Saturn, on the other hand, has a size of 120,536. When the planets are being measured, they usually do it through the equator. For those who are not aware, Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun and is considered to be an outer planet.

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At first glance, it may seem like Saturn only has four main rings. You can look at the planet closely and you will realize that there are still 3 fainter rings that are not easily seen. There are divisions that can make the rings more distinct. Saturn is one of the planets that has so many moons.

This currently has 62 moons. Some of them are not named yet. One of the most popular moons of Saturn is Titan. This is a moon that is bigger than Mercury. It is popular because there are some scientists who believe that this have a high chance of having some life especially in the future.

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Yes, Saturn is said to be the jewel of the solar system. Just look at it, this looks great, right? It has prominent rings that can easily be seen. This is also known to be large. Although it is not as large as Jupiter, its size makes it easier to appreciate. Its many colors are more visible. It also has a lot of moons that can enhance the way that it looks further.

The many colors of Saturn may be highly dependent on the components that make up the planet. This is one planet that is made up mostly of gas. The rings of Saturn are made up of ice, rock, and some dust. Its moon that has ceased to be may have formed the ring but through the years, other items in the solar system has also accumulated on those rings.

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