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Relationship Questions and Answers (Q&A)

One of the most common problems faced by couples includes boundary problems. Each partner should respect the others boundaries. Yes, they live with you, but not giving the other person space will lead to long term problems that can strangle your relation. Another problem is time management. Couples can struggle to find time for each other.

It also leads to fights when the limited amount of time is suddenly spent with friends or in some other activity. Another important problem is possessiveness. Yes, the right amount is like salt in a relationship. However, you need to trust your man or woman. Raising questions at every text, simple calls or baseless accusations can have a toll on your relationship.

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Men are often found to have a one-track mind. Often women have seen that men cannot resist looking at another woman, no matter how beautiful their own wife. At the same time, they are also immensely possessive about their own wife is. This is why it is said that men will be men.

Certain brands have also portrayed this message in a whole series of ads. It signifies that no matter what you try, you cannot change the primary wiring of the male brain. They will think along the primitive lines they are made to think, even if they have the most beautiful woman standing beside them.

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Ending a relation can be tough. Naturally, many people go back to stalking their ex. Although, small amount of stalking may even help you move on, stalking your ex too much can lead to an obsession. This is unhealthy and hinders your chances of moving on. In fact, stalking your ex will make you slide back into your past making it difficult to carry on with your life.

Constantly revisiting their profiles makes you overlook their flaws in favor of the good days. It can even lead to you going back to your ex or eloping in a rebound. All of these are toxic relations that you need to cut off and move on.

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Loving someone unconditionally means a lot. however, if you want to have the purest of relations, you need to love unconditionally. At the same time, unconditional love does not mean that you will get trust and loyalty in return. Sometimes the world is bound to be upside down with people turning away from your love, however, if you love unconditionally, you will be able to experience this emotion at its purest.

Every little thing becomes so tasteful and satisfying. Slowly, your spouse may even relent, inspired by the charm of your love. Slowly, they can start loving you unconditionally as well. However, this is a risk that you need to take.

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Communication is known to be very important when you are talking to someone. You need to listen when your loved one is speaking. You also have to be honest as much as possible. Remember that the more that your loved one trusts you, the better that you will begin to feel. In order to improve your communication, you may try writing to each other.

You can leave each other small notes that will make each other smile. You can also take more trips together. It will help you understand each other better. One of the best ways to communicate is by doing it physically. You do not need to make love all the time for a physical connection. You just need to hug each other, hold each other’s hands, and even sit side by side with each other.

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Giving compliments is something that is mandatory when you want to please someone. If you want a girl to remember your compliment, you need to say something that is unexpected. Remember that compliments will not always be appreciated. It will depend on your timing and what you will say.

You need to look at your present situation and find something complimentary based on that. You can tell a woman that you love talking to her when you have conversed for a long time. You may also tell someone that she is stunning when you know that she has made some effort to improve her looks. Basically, you can commend a woman on what she does. It will make her feel better.

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A lot of people think that men may brush-off compliments more than women do but actually, they also enjoy these compliments when they are given to them correctly. One of the compliments you can give is to show the man that you believe in him. You can tell him, “I know you can do it.” or “You have already accomplished so much. It will not be surprising if you do more.” You can also compliment men on their appearance.

They will not be too picky with what you will compliment. It can be their hands, their features, and so much more. They just want to know if they are aesthetically pleasing to you. The more you acknowledge the efforts of the man, the better he would feel.

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There are different reasons why women give mixed signals to men. There are some women who do it because they feel that they are not ready for a relationship yet. They like the men but they are not sure if they are ready for a serious relationship. Some women do it because it makes them more irresistible to men. Men just cannot stop chasing women who are hot and cold because it challenges them.

Men who get women easily will tire of these women easily too. Another reason why women may give mixed signals is because they do not realize that they are doing it. Some men may look into the signs more. When in fact, there is no meaning to everything that the woman has done.

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The benefits of dating someone younger than yourself depend greatly, very greatly, on your current age. If you are elderly, the benefits are that your date may look after your needs. If you are a teenager, there is the likelihood that your ideas and wishes will hold sway. This may not be good for your own development! Lets say you are adult, around age twenty.

If you date someone younger than you they are likely to impress you and others with their looks, if not their intelligence. The benefits of being the older one of a pair is that you are more likely to be dominant and take the lead. The danger is that in time the younger partner may tire of this, and of your aging looks, and want a change for the better. However, highly successful men, however unattractive in appearance, have always been able to capture younger, lovely women as partners. Whether those partners found true happiness is another matter...

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To sustain any relationship you have to work on it. You need to put in your time and your heart, it takes more than love to sustain a strong relationship for long. Communication and understanding are principal requirements in a relationship. Here are some key tips on how to sustain your relationship.

Resolve arguments together: Whenever you have disagreements with your partner, think of it as a problem that you both have. Every relationship has some time of ups and downs.

Give yourselves some time to calm down and then gently have a conversion on the problem and find a way to solve it.

Set goals together: talk about how you want your relationship in few years to come. Then work towards your goals, this will help keep you focused on your relationship.

Respect each other, make your partner a priority, be supportive of each other’s dreams, show affection regularly and find a way to become and stay best friends.

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