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The answer to this is C. Control threshold is often described as the limit of the project. For example, there might be a threshold in the finances that will be used for a certain project. This means that it can only reach up to that certain amount and the finances will not go beyond that anymore.

This may also refer to the quality of the product before it will be released to the public. There are times when the quality control is really bad and it can be the downfall of the company. Making sure that there is a threshold will at least allow some control over various factors that the company finds important.

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Work Performance InformationWork Performance InformationWork Performance InformationWork Performance Information

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No office atmosphere is every perfect. When people come together, there may be some that do not get along. Instead of letting this low morale continue, it is important for the project manager to do something about it.

When these people were little, it was easier to get them to get along. However, as adults, it may be more difficult. The problem is that the more conflicts that go one as well as the deeper the conflict between the co-workers, the less likely that department will achieve its goals. It would not be very productive.

The best thing the project manager can do is to first recognize the conflicts and where they are coming from and who they involve. Then the project manager should use his or her coercive power to quickly resolve the conflicts and then focus on the goal.

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Customer satisfaction depends upon a project, product or service meeting their expectations. This will fail if the technical aspects are inadequate, that is, the product or service did not perform the explicit and implicit expectations of performance. Explicit expectations are mental targets for how a product performs, and there may be well-identified performance standards for customers to judge this against.

Then if a contractor has not built in capability for risk management there is likely to be a proportion of dissatisfaction amongst customers at best. Unclear scope management by the customer should not be used as an excuse. It is for the project to explain scope clearly.

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The correct answer to this question is C. The hardest part of a project manager's job is managing the constraints. There are six contraints of a project that influence each other: scope, quality, cost, resources, risk, and time.

If resources are not available, the time to deliver will increase, which can usually result in the increase of project cost because alternate resources are usually more costly. If the quality of the project is decreasing, more resources may be required, which will increase the cost, as well as the time to deliver.

If scope creep occurs on the project, the time, cost, and resources will increase, and the quality will most likely decrease, causing an increased risk on the delivery.

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Letter D is the answer. Project scope is a planning activity where all of the needed work of the project is discussed. This means from specific goals, tasks, deadlines, and costs are being documented. It is very important to have a project scope so completing the project will push through and be successful.

This is also to avoid overspending on unnecessary things as the estimated cost to complete the project is listed. The schedule or deadline of the finished project is essential too to meet with the client’s expectations. This is to make sure that satisfaction from the clients will be obtained and will open to more project opportunities.

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Work performance information is not an output. - work performance data is

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There are 47 Project Management Processess group in 10 Knowledge areas.

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A project manager is a worker who is responsible for making sure that all aspects of a project are distributed to the best workers and that they are completed so that the project is completely in a timely fashion. In several programs, project managers are needed in order to ensure that the company’s projects are completed like in Salesforce. However, cultural differences may play a part.

In this situation, you may need to decide upon the recognition and awards that will be delivered during the team development. It should be taken into consideration because there are many people who have differences in their culture and that should be noticed so that it does not offend anyone. Changes may be needed to be made.

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