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One of the significant differences between civil law and criminal law are the type of people involved when the cases are tried. In the case of civil law, the people involved are private individuals, which would mean that the situation can be between two people or between a company and a person. On the other hand, criminal law cases involve the government as one of the parties in the case.

Criminal and civil law covers different aspects of society to establish and protect the rights of all citizens, and to make sure these rights are protected and honored. Civil law handles disputes between private parties. The purpose of criminal law is to prove the guilt of the defendant beyond a reasonable doubt.

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They consist of 7 members but only 6 are pharmacist not all the 7 are

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I thought that once the kick from PM starts you don't reduce, you can only do that before the start of kick from PM

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There will always be prejudice, and the pattern of discrimination and disdain for immigrants has repeated itself almost identically over the years. Immigrants still work the more difficult and dangerous and most low paying jobs that other Americans are not willing to do.

These jobs often enforce inhumane work hours and hazardous conditions. Many employers will often take advantage of immigrants. They are also often denied breaks for meals or going to the bathroom. They might not be given the proper training or safety equipment that can make their jobs easier.

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We consume multiple chemicals and foods on a daily basis. With the increase in the brands in the market there are different foods and eatables as well as medicines available. You can have access to a lot of ingestible content without knowing whether the food or drug is safe or not. After an unfortunate incident which took the lives of 107 mostly children citizens, the federal law called the food, drug and cosmetic act was established in 1906.

Every food, drug and cosmetic has to be approved by this committee that tests and approves the content before allowing the general public to use it The act was introduced as an attempt to make eatables safe for the citizens.

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Strange article 16(4) hast the exact wording of answer number 2 which is considered wring

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If there is no possibility of direct effect, how can an individual rely on it ?

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Misappropriation- Putting the property of another to unlawful or unintended use

​Conversion- Taking another's property for ones own use

​omggg I got finals coming don't confuse meee :(

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