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Human Geography Questions and Answers (Q&A)

The answer to this is A. It should be remembered that there are different population densities that are available. These densities are meant to be used for various purposes. Arithmetic refers to the total population that is divided by the total land while physiological refers to the total population divided by total land. The fact that arithmetic is called as such as is because of its ability to measure everything that is needed.

Agricultural density is in charge of checking the population of the farmers per unit. The different densities will differ depending on the land that is being measured. There are some countries that are already aware of their various population densities.

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Correct answer is option A.
The logical conclusion that can be drawn from observing a billboard which shows a small, caucasian family smiling and laughing out up by the Government shows that the country is practicing restricting population policies.

Restrictive population policies is a type of Government population policy is designed to favor one racial sector or other races as seen on the bill board. This is also done to reduce the rate of natural increase.

Expansive population policy is a type of Government population policy designed to encourage the population to conceive and raise more children.

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You may want to include immigration laws because if there is no immigration to the country, then the population could shrink.

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The correct answer is option A – arithmetic is total population divided by total land and physiological is total population divided by total arable land.

Arithmetic population density also known as “real density” is the total number of people divided by the total land area. It doesn’t take account of whether or not the land is rural or urban or whether it is a desert or frozen tundra. It gives a straight forward measurement of people divided by land.

Physiological population density is the number of people per unit area of arable (land suitable for growing crops) land.

All other options (B and C) are wrong.

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