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Greece Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Philip II the great was the leader who was able to unite Greek city-states and brought peace to Greeceby using the policy of diplomacy, divide and conquer, alliancesand militarystrengths.

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The correct answer to the question “Why was facilitating trades nearly impossible in ancient Greece?” is letter B or because mountain ranges made transportation difficult and the rivers were dried up. Since ancient Greece was covered with immense terrain and enormous sea, they had no other choice but to use the sea, so they could fend for themselves.

Trading became an important part of ancient Greeks’ lives because they heavily relied on it to get all the good that they needed. However, because of the immense terrain surrounding their area it became nearly impossible for them to trade. However, they had to learn how to use the boats, so they can go to other nearby places to trade their goods – fish.

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