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I am probably terrible at this, as I do not call my friends often. I call my friends maybe once or twice in 2 weeks or a month. I reach out to them when I feel there is a need for me too, or when I need to pass important information or recent happenings to them. I also call sometimes to check up on them.

When I prefer to call my friends in the evening after work, then we have time to talk, not like in the morning when we all have to rush to carry out our daily activities. My friends understand me; we are mostly busy during the week, so we try to catch up on all we’ve missed during the weekend.

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I AM A 5 letterword if you add 2 more letters it becomes shorter what two letters am i?????????????????????????????????????????

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Actually, this is incorrect. Before she turned 30 she wanted to ride a mile on the hippity hop it, and make peace with Ursula. When she found out she was 31, she listed not having done these things before she turns 31:

-meet a portuguese guy

-have the perfect kiss

-join sniper school

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Misunderstandings cause over 90 percent of all the fight between or among friends. When we fail to share the same point or idea about a particular issue, this can result in an argument, and if care is not taken, it can lead in a fight. Misunderstandings have broken and ended many friendships. Misunderstanding is often caused by gossips, jealousy, and having a different mindset.

When you have a dispute and a fight, it is best for you to have some time apart to calm down and also to reflect on that happened. Speak to your friend after some time to understand your point and also make them understand your point as well. This will help you resolve the issue and even become friends again.

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Merlin is my most favorite medieval character, who is the wizard that implanted the sword Excalibur in the stone, which was only to be removed by the true King of England. Arthur’s father, King Uther, had a one-night affair with the Duke of Cornwall’s wife. She was not aware of this deception because Merlin magically camouflaged Uther to look like the Duke. When Arthur was born, Uther decided that he desired him for himself, but Merlin would not permit this and placed the baby to be raised by Sir Ector.

Upon the death of Uther, Merlin took his sword and mystically embedded it into a rock, and the true King could only remove the sword. Arthur’s brother Kay was contending in an event, and he needed his sword. He called upon Arthur to fetch his sword for him, and Arthur could not find the sword, so he went to the town square where he had seen Excalibur, and he pulled it from the stone. There are many twists and turns to this story; however, Merlin was with Arthur for his lifetime.

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I love to play Chess, Settlers of Catan and Monopoly. However, the monopoly remains my favorite board game. I love the interaction and the intensity that this game brings whenever I play with my friends or siblings. I enjoy this game most when everyone is almost bankrupt except me.

It is believed that monopoly was created as a board game in the year 1933; it was named “Monopoly,” which is an economic term that means a single entity dominates an entire market. Monopoly has evolved and changed over the years, but the concept remains the same.

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Everyone has a particular kind of food that they enjoy to eat. For me, pasta does the magic! I can have pasta every day of the week. Pasta can be made in different ways. It can be garnished with meats, vegetables, cheese, seafood's fish, made with a sauce and it can even be cooked in soup.

I also love pasta because it's easy to make. In less than 30 minutes you can prepare this tasty meal from start to finish. It is also very cheap; you do not have to spend so much to get this delicious meal on your table. Pasta is my favorite kind of food, and it will forever be!

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Who does not know the television series F.R.I.E.N.D.S? People know about this even if they have never watched a single episode in the past. There is just something about this television series that is so endearing. It definitely made the characters very popular.

A lot of fans of this television series know different facts that non-fans will not know. The middle name of Chandler is actually Muriel. Chandler is one of the people’s favorite characters in the television series because of his humor. He may be brutally honest but he is also very humble. People will always have different preferences on how their favorite character is but Chandler is number one on a lot of people’s lists.

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Sandra Skan

I consider my self as an opinionated individual, with a lot of experience in gift-giving and buying. I'm positive and a girl's girl.

It is possible to customize almost every gift today, and all it takes is a little effort. Receiving something that becomes memory over some time and what better way to do it than adding a touch of personalization always feels beautiful. It's not just the personalized gifts that count, but also all the extra creativity we put in while delivering it that adds the attraction.

There are many sites available online to provide multiple gift ideas in one place.

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S. Barnes

Driving down to Knowledge town

It is never good to have toxic friends. However, it is also bad to have no friends. The definition of friend is interesting. Friends are more than acquaintances, but some people are content with acquaintances who they spend time with usually in a formal manner. That is fine. Some people would rather spend time with their family members instead of making a bunch of friends.

Their family may be supportive and fun to hang around. Therefore, it is best to have no friends than toxic friends. Toxic friends can make you depressed or get you in trouble. You should have no friends, but you could have acquaintances or join clubs and make friends that way. If you have a favorite cousin, you could hang out with them.

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