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I dont get it. Its like it you own 6 fish, and 3 drown, how many do you have?

I really dont get it.

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R. Jones

Curious about the World

There is no big difference between Albacore and Tuna. Albacore is just a type of out of like seven species of Tuna. Albacore is a large marine fish with edible flesh, and it is also known as white meat because it is the only one out of many species of tuna that has the real white meat. Albacore...Read More

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B. Wright

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A fish is an example of an aquatic animal; this simply means a type of animal that lives in the water. While reptiles can live in the water as well as on the land. Both types of animals are cold-blooded, and both are covered with scales except for cartilaginous fish that doesn't have a scale....Read More

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Many people say that they don't to eat a "fishy-tasting" fish, but they're fish and that's what they taste like. However, some have more of the fish-taste than others and many have varying textures. With all this considered, bluefin tuna is consistently said to be the best tasting...Read More

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Are you familiar with what a pike and a pickerel are? These are two types of fish that may be similar to each other. The pike is a fish that can grow really long. You can tell if you are looking at a pike when you see that some of the portions of the gills do not have scales. A pickerel, like a...Read More

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The Bonneville cutthroat trout is Utah’s state fish. This species is actually native to the Great Salt Lake, which is found in Utah. However, they aren’t found only in Utah. This fish can also be found in Idaho, Nevada, and Wyoming - or at least in parts of all three of these...Read More

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The beta fish is native to Thailand, while the guppy is native to South America and the Caribbean. Guppy fish breed more quickly, and they are much easier to maintain and Beta fish breed less. Male beta fish are more fierce and aggressive than guppy fish and Betas are slightly larger than...Read More

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T. Lopez

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Tuna is a type of fish, and it is widespread to find. It has different species, and ahi is just like one out of many species of tuna. Yellowfin tuna is just a type of ahi tuna. It is called yellowfin tuna because almost all the fins it has are yellow. Yellowfin is very easy to find; it is...Read More

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We know that sea water contains3% of salt in itself however the fish only holds about 1% of salt in its body. When a fish is killed the bacteria and enzymes in its body starts the process of natural decomposition and starts converting trimethylamine oxide(TMAO) into trimethylamine (TMA) which...Read More

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R. Barnes

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Some people are not familiar with the differences between the different fish that are available. They usually assume that all fish are the same, but this is not true. Fish have different types of meat. Some of them may be flaky when cooked while there are also others that can remain intact even...Read More

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