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Element Questions and Answers (Q&A)

N. Kingsley, Writer
Answered: May 25, 2020
There are some people who may become confused with these two since they may have different meanings. For meanings that mean that they are interrelated and connected to each other. These are...Read More

1 Answer

The stack is a linear data structure where data can be added and removed. With stack, the last added data item will be the first to be removed. This is because it uses one end to insert and...Read More

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J. Lautner, Product Manager
Answered: Aug 12, 2020
A summary is a short but sweet description of a more significant, more impressive piece of work. For example, high school students are often asked to write a summary of the book they are reading....Read More

3 Answers

H. Jones, Web Content Writer
Answered: Aug 06, 2020
The basis of good rock ‘n roll is the guitar, and this is the essential instrument in rock music. Nothing beats rock ‘n roll’s outstanding talent, which consists of acts such as...Read More

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