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Education Questions and Answers (Q&A)

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The impacts of education on our daily living cannot be overemphasized. Education is light; it is bringing you into the understanding of things that look like darkness to you. The truth is that all we have become is due to the fact that we interacted with a body of knowledge at a point in our lives, and that changes our perspective about many things of life.

Aside from the fact that education is needed for personal and social development, it is also needed for economic development. When you are educated about something, it places values on you, and you become a commodity that people are ready to buy at any cost. The world has witnessed a considerable level of development just because people are constantly visualizing things that can be made real. Education won't make you live your life as a mediocre, because you are constantly being informed about things as they are unfolding.

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Recently I have found problems

1. Parents are not involved enough.

2. Schools are closing left and right.

3. Our schools are overcrowded.

4. Technology comes with its downsides.

5. There is a lack of diversity in gifted education.

6. School spending is stagnant, even in our improving economy.

7. There is a lack of teacher education innovation.

8. 80 percent of students are graduating high school...yet less than half of these students are ready for what's next.

9. Some students are lost to the school-to-prison pipeline.

10. There is a nationwide college-gender gap, and surprisingly, we are not focusing on it.

Meanwhile you can find any information in google, that why now education isn't important, most important thing is your motivation for self development. Also some companies can give to you education. I understand my education is my problem and I can solution it. Good luck you!

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School and college usually teach students a lot of lies that are aimed at helping students in getting by in the present moment. Many of these lies do not have any practical application, nor a bit of truth to it. The biggest lie that school and college tells its students is that those who tend to get better marks, happen to be more successful in real life as compared to those who do not get good grades.

This is not true at all, and we tend to have real life example. Nevertheless, good grades do always help in various other ways.

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Education is considered an important input for the development of a nation because of the following reasons :
1. Education endows people with quality
skills, thereby enhancing their productivity. Consequently, it enhances income earn¬ing capacities and creates opportunities for the people. Moreover, it also enables human capital to utilize the available physical capital optimally.
2. Education develops the mental abilities of people and helps them to make their choice rationally and intellectually. Education churns out good citizens by inculcating values in them.
3. An educated public of a nation has greater
acceptability of modernization and modern techniques. This not only helps the economy to grow but also facilitates a primitive economy to break the shackles of tradition and backwardness.
4. Education enhances the income earning capacity of people thereby raising the standard of living and improving the quality of living.
5. Education not only increases the income
earning capacity but also reduces the skewed distribution of income, thereby forming an egalitarian society.
6. It fosters economic development by increasing
the participation of people in the process of growth and development.

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Teaching is the act of instilling others with knowledge or wisdom and helping others to comprehend things at the same level in which you do. It may also be a matter of altering your understanding and going to a level that makes it easier for others to understand, especially when the ones you are teaching are younger, or they are children. It means to instruct people or to cause others to learn or recognize something that they previously did not know.

It may also be the act of educating students in a classroom. Learning is the act of gaining knowledge or understanding of a skill by study or experience. It may also be the act of obtaining wisdom in a classroom setting.

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R. Barnes

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CBSE is the acronym for Central Board of Secondary Education, while ICSE is the acronym for Indian Certificate of Secondary Education. Both CBSE and ICSE are educational institutions, and whatever certificate you are awarded in any of the institutions can be used anywhere in the world. First of all, CBSE and ICSE are different in terms of syllabus, exam, and other educational activities. Although both institutions are well known but CBSE is highly recognized by the Indian government, while ICSE has not been able to get the government attention.

Also, both institutions have different certificates which would be given to any student who has fully completed all the training processes. However, CBSE certificate seems to have more value than ICSE certificate. CBSE has a more organized syllabus compared to ICSE. The syllabus has been divided into different units, and each unit is to be completed within a stipulated period of time. ICSE, on the other hand, has a heavy syllabus and it is not as organized as CBSE

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The most pointless rule that I have come across in my college is that of a 75% mandatory attendance for clearing a particular course, even though the lectures are not beneficial at all. What’s the point of sitting in the class for the sake of attendance when in the end, it’s you who has to teach himself a particular course?

Seems quite pointless to me. Would have definitely made sense if the teachers were capable at all but the truth is that they can’t teach well at all. Sitting through hours of lectures is hence no less than a huge pain.

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The one thing that I wished to have learned in school was leadership skills. Schools provide a wonderful platform to students for developing leadership skills, as there are a range of societies and student clubs that require students as leaders. I could not develop these skills in school primarily due to social anxiety and due to my fear of facing a large group of people.

This always kept me back from standing out and trying my role as a leader, even though I had a couple of chances where I could do so. Hence, this would be the one thing that I’d try if time repeated itself.

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Yes, I feel like I have learned a range of many important things on my own that which I was not taught at school. Primarily, these include my professional skills and my communication skills. My school never really focused on either of those. Hence, these are the skills that I developed over time by interacting with various people working in different areas through volunteering work, internships, and jobs.

Schools should focus on developing these skills in their student as they matter a lot once you graduate, and can set apart even the brightest students from those who know how to communicate/represent themselves.

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T. Lopez

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Both IGCSE and ICSE are in India, and they are education boards. IGCSE refers to the International General Certificate of Secondary Education. The ICSE refers to the Indian Certificate for Secondary Education. These are two different certificates.

The differences between these two certificates include the assessment types and the curriculum involved in receiving these two certificates. The ICSE only accepts students who are in Class 10 in India and the IGCSE allows students who are between the ages of fourteen and seventeen years old to enroll in the school to take the test after they finish the course.

Unlike the ICSE, the IGCSE requires the students to take oral and listening portions for the assessment. ICSE has experiments and projects.

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