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Recently I have found problems 1. Parents are not involved enough. 2. Schools are closing left and right. 3. Our schools are overcrowded. 4. Technology comes with its downsides. 5. There is a lack of diversity in gifted education. 6. School spending...Read More

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The impacts of education on our daily living cannot be overemphasized. Education is light; it is bringing you into the understanding of things that look like darkness to you. The truth is that all we have become is due to the fact that we interacted with a body of knowledge at a point in our...Read More

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School and college usually teach students a lot of lies that are aimed at helping students in getting by in the present moment. Many of these lies do not have any practical application, nor a bit of truth to it. The biggest lie that school and college tells its students is that those who tend...Read More

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Education is considered an important input for the development of a nation because of the following reasons :
1. Education endows people with quality
skills, thereby enhancing their productivity. Consequently, it enhances income earn¬ing capacities and creates opportunities for...
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Teaching is the act of instilling others with knowledge or wisdom and helping others to comprehend things at the same level in which you do. It may also be a matter of altering your understanding and going to a level that makes it easier for others to understand, especially when the ones you...Read More

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R. Barnes

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CBSE is the acronym for Central Board of Secondary Education, while ICSE is the acronym for Indian Certificate of Secondary Education. Both CBSE and ICSE are educational institutions, and whatever certificate you are awarded in any of the institutions can be used anywhere in the world. First of...Read More

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The most pointless rule that I have come across in my college is that of a 75% mandatory attendance for clearing a particular course, even though the lectures are not beneficial at all. What’s the point of sitting in the class for the sake of attendance when in the end, it’s you who...Read More

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The one thing that I wished to have learned in school was leadership skills. Schools provide a wonderful platform to students for developing leadership skills, as there are a range of societies and student clubs that require students as leaders. I could not develop these skills in school...Read More

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Yes, I feel like I have learned a range of many important things on my own that which I was not taught at school. Primarily, these include my professional skills and my communication skills. My school never really focused on either of those. Hence, these are the skills that I developed over...Read More

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T. Lopez

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Both IGCSE and ICSE are in India, and they are education boards. IGCSE refers to the International General Certificate of Secondary Education. The ICSE refers to the Indian Certificate for Secondary Education. These are two different certificates. The differences between these two certif...Read More

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