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Recently I have found problems

1. Parents are not involved enough.

2. Schools are closing left and right.

3. Our schools are overcrowded.

4. Technology comes with ...

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School and college usually teach students a lot of lies that are aimed at helping students in getting by in the present moment. Many of these lies do not have any practical application, nor a bit ...

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Education is considered an important input for the development of a nation because of the following reasons :
1. Education endows people with quality
skills, thereby enhancing their ...

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An overhead

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A sharpener

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The one thing that I wished to have learned in school was leadership skills. Schools provide a wonderful platform to students for developing leadership skills, as there are a range of societies ...

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The way subjects like maths are taught in East Asian schools tends to make a difference as to why students are so successful at the particular subject. Although teachers from the UK criticise ...

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The most pointless rule that I have come across in my college is that of a 75% mandatory attendance for clearing a particular course, even though the lectures are not beneficial at all. ...

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The thing is that colleges and schools have a criteria for judging every student on a single scale. It is not that one student is dumber and the other is more intelligent. It is just that each ...

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There are a range of different career paths that you can take with a degree in History. While a lot of people tend to pity the history students claiming that they do not have a bright future, the ...

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