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Earth Science Questions and Answers (Q&A)

The most compelling statement provided here is that different star constellations are visible on Earth at different seasons of the year, or answer D. For many hundreds of years, everyone has known that the earth revolves around the sun. However, the majority of people didn’t always believe this. This is a story for another question, though.

The reason the fact that we can see different constellations in the sky during different seasons on earth is the most compelling reason we travel around the sun is because if the sun travelled around the earth, certain constellations would only be visible in certain places. You’d have to travel to see certain ones.

However, you don’t have to do that because we travel around the sun, therefore travelling around other stars too.

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In science class when we were younger, we all learned that the Earth rotates around the sun. When the earth does this, it creates the seasons depending on where you live. Every planet in the solar system rotates around the sun. Some of the planets have moons. The Earth has one moon, but other planets have more than one moon and some have no moons.

The Earth’s moon rotates around the Earth and it has several phrases of the moon. That is why when you look into the sky at night, you may see the moon as a sliver, a half moon or a full moon. There are several other phases that may be seen in the moon depending on its rotation around the Earth.

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The answer is commonly called as The Principle of Superposition. So you must consider the answer Principle of Superposition.

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The factors that can be changed by the person performing the experiment can be described as an independent variable. This is a concept that has been brought by mathematical research and studies that date back to ancient times. A dependent variable is the one that shows the results, or outcome of a subject whose variation is under investigation.

In other terms, the values of a dependent variable will always depend on the values of an independent variable. However, the values of a dependent variable will not have any effect on the initial values of an independent variable. This is how they work in mathematical equations.

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How is C. the answer can you please explain to me because i have a earth science sol coming up and want to pass it with a 400 or higher.

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"Abrasion" is the phenomena of rubbing together of two particles.

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Searching for the actual horizon as well as realizing the exact contour associated with the planet isn't very precise. You will find individuals who want you to show how the earth is circular. Aristotle very first theorized how the planet had been circular. Columbus passed away thinking he demonstrated Aristotle's theory properly. However the actual verification arrived within the journey associated with Ferdinand Magellan, the real chief from the very first delivery to cruise entirely all over the world. Magellan had been the Colonial sailor man that investigated Asian countries.

Consequently, these folks found planet had been circular because of directly through paths at home. Addtionally, a simple way to prove it is that you can see more the higher up you are due to the Earth's arch.

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The correct answer to this question is C. Seismology is the scientific study of earthquakes. The p-wave, or primary wave, is the fastest seismic wave and is measured with a seismograph to create a seismogram. The seismograph uses needles to record the waves on paper.

To find out the travel time of a p-wave or an s-wave, use the Earthquake Travel Time chart. When you find 6,500 km on the x-axis, you follow see that the p-wave line intersects at about 10 seconds. A related scientific field is called paleoseismology, which uses geology to study past earthquakes.

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The correct answer to this question is B, Binghamton, NY. ESRTs, abbreviated for Earth Science Reference Tables, is key to answering this question. Every Earth Science student should have these tables. They include measurements, maps, and equations. They come in handy for tests and labs in Earth Science classes. Over the web, they can be found on various websites and in PDF formats.

The PDF's are helpful because one can download and have it handy on their device for whenever they need it. The Earth Science Reference Tables can also be requested to be sent in braille for those who are unable to see and read the PDFs or physical copies.

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