Drug Dosage Calculation Questions and Answers (Q&A)

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The correct answer is option B – 300mL/hr.
Since you need to give 4gm of magnesium sulphate over 20 minutes and it comes in 40gm/1000mL
You do the following:
Divide 4gm by 40gm and multiply by 1000mL
4/40 = 0.01

0.01 1000 = 100
Divide one hour...
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Amount of Solution (mL) x Drop Factor (gtt/mL) =xgtt/min
Time (minutes)

Don't forget to convert 1.5 L into mL AND 12 hours into minutes!

720 minutes
1500 mLx20 gtt/mL = 30,000 gtt30,000 gtt/720 minutes = 41.66666666...
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2 Answers

B is the answer to this question. The nurse will be in charge of adjusting the clamp on the intravenous tube. The adjustments can either slow down or speed up the rate of the flow of IV fluid. In order to see if the flow is correct, they would count the number of drops per minute....Read More

2 Answers

120 mcg = 0.12 mg
If each suspension of Onquid is 0.06 mg/ml
This means each ml contains 0.06mg of Onquid
If 1 ml = 0.06mg
Then 0.12 mg = 2ml
Therefore, the amount of ml to be administered by the nurse as order by the physician is 2 ml.

2 Answers

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