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Antipsychotic drugs are drugs that have been designed to treat a severe psychiatric condition known as psychosis. Psychosis is characterized by the distortion of thoughts during which a person loses touch with reality, often manifesting with hallucinations, paranoia, or delusions. The first drug that was developed to cure psychosis is the "typical antipsychotics." Today, a newer class of medication known as the "atypical antipsychotics" is now been used. The following are the significant areas where the differences between the typical and the atypical antipsychotics are evident: year of introduction and the side-effects. a.

YEAR OF INTRODUCTION: The typical antipsychotics were introduced in the year 1950 and is referred to as the first generation antipsychotics while the atypical antipsychotics were introduced in the year 1990 and is referred to as the second-generation antipsychotics. b. SIDE-EFFECTS: The typical antipsychotics have been known to cause Parkinson-like side effects in many users, unlike the atypical antipsychotics that boast a different side effect profile with far fewer of the Parkinson-like effects than the older agents.

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Some people are wondering if there is any difference between the Loestrin and the Loestrin Fe.They are both created by Duramed Pharmaceuticals but their main difference is the mixture of hormones that are placed for each.

Loestrin contains estrogen and prostegin while Loestrin Fe also contains these two hormones plus iron. Take note that the hormones that can be found in these capsules are also active hormones. There is still not the generic variation of the Loestrin Fe but some reports state that an available one might become available in the year 2029. For those who are wondering what these two drugs are for, they are for birth control.

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Both Apri and Reclipsen are oral contraceptive pills (OCPs). They both have similar active ingredients, and desogestrel being the generic name. The using of these tablets are to start immediately on day 1 of the period, or immediately after one’s period is completed. When the tablets are being taken, maximum carefulness should be made not to skip any dose, and it must be taken for a complete 21 days. Apri and reclipsen are referred to as the 3rd generation birth control pills due to their combination of progesterone-like substance and estrogen for preventing pregnancy. The inactive tablets usually consist of several ingredients like minerals, vitamins, and iron. Immediately the 21 pills are completed, flowing of blood from through the vagina withdraws. April and reclipsen happen to be two different brands of desogestrel drug that is inside these birth control pills. The side effects of April that are necessary to be considered are depression and weight gaining; while those of reclipsen are vomiting, weight loss, and nausea.

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Oxycodone happens to be a drug that is used to alleviate or address severe pain. But this drug needs to be controlled when taking it, as abuse or overdose of this drug can lead to addiction. Moreover, to control or alleviate the addiction to this abuse, suboxone drug can be used. Oxycodone, however, should not be taken without a prescription from the doctor because of its side effects. The intake of alcohol should be avoided when or after taking this drug, and should also be kept away from where anybody could just reach and use it.

Though the drug is said to alleviate pain, any abuse of it can impose risk or threat to human life. Some side effects of this drug intake which might seem less serious are headache, sweating, constipation, dizziness, nausea, etc. While the more serious side effects are bradycardia, cold, convulsions, etc, as earlier stated, in order to alleviate the addiction to these effects, suboxone can be used. When these drugs are taken, one should avoid driving or operating any machine, because the drugs cause dizziness.

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Insulin lispro (Novolog) was the first insulin analog that has been used clinically. The difference from insulin is that there is a switch between amino acid lysine B28 a proline B29. The formulation as a hexameric solution that is available in vials. It is absorbed fast into the body and has a shorter duration of effect in terms of decreasing blood sugar levels. This solution is usually used in patients with raised blood sugar, particularly after eating a meal. This condition is called prandial hyperglycemia.

Because of its speedy action and short duration of systematic effects, it is usually dispensed before a meal or up to 15 mins right after. Insulin Aspart is also named after it’s amino acid structure. Insulin Aspart is also hexameric in the formulation. Rapid drug release and short systematic effects may occur, and the drug is more commonly used among adult patients with type 1 diabetes.

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The answer is Vasodilator I think?

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The increased use of generic drugs has been one of the rare success stories in national efforts to curb the nation's 2.8 trillion medical bills since generics have been far cheaper than the name brand ones. Companies can leave the market, resulting in decreased supply and less competition.

A factory producing the drug in some cases, prices may rise because of questionable business practices or market manipulation. Prescription drug costs are skyrocketing here in the United States due in part to government regulations.

These regulations enable drug manufacturers to charge monopolistic prices that aren't opposed by competing for market forces. Insurance companies have started placing more high dollar drugs onto higher tires of their medication coverage, which requires larger co-pay for each prescription.

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Corticosteroids are generally known to be steroid hormones that are either produced by the body itself are human-made. To the best of my knowledge, there are about two forms of corticosteroid, which include; the systemic corticosteroid and the synthetic corticosteroid. The previous refers to the corticosteroids that are orally administered or injected. The later mimic the actions of naturally occurring corticosteroid and is being replaced with an adrenal gland that is able to produce the required amounts of corticosteroid, although are in most cases used higher than recommended dose is used to treat immunity disease, water balance, and inflammation.

It should be noted that naturally secreted corticosteroid is produced by the outer part of the adrenal gland (cortex). One more thing is to know that corticosteroid are classified into two which includes; Glucocorticoids (anti-inflammatory) which counters inflammation and helps break excess fats, Mineralocorticoids (retains salt) regulates water-salt balance in the body.

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A drilled well is a type of well that has been created with the use of different machines. Since they are machine-made, some of them can be even deeper than 1000 feet. Dug wells are sometimes man-made so they are dug as low as humanly possible.

This is the type of well that was popular way back when people did not have faucets at home. There are still some wells that are being used by industries and some places that are still following traditional ways of acquiring water. A dug well may be more prone to contamination as compared to a drilled well because it is shallower. There is a higher chance that there will be bacteria that may contaminate the water.

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During the 20th century, there was a new invention in the medical field. This invention is about pills that can be taken to prevent pregnancy. Women can take these pills to hinder production and ovulation. Two good pills that are used for birth control are Yaz and Loestrin, and they are available to buy in the market. Though these pills perform the same function, still they have their differences. One major difference between them is the kind of progestin.

The kind of progestin in Yaz is Drosperinone, while the kind contained in Loestrin is norethindrone. Both Yaz and Loestrin contain estrogens which are of the same type and amount. Another thing that distinguishes these two pills is that Yaz contains a particular amount of Yaz, but Loestrin does not. When this kind of pills is taken, there are surely one or two side effects they have on the body. For Yaz, its side effect is the cramp of women's leg, with a form of headache. When Loestrin are taken, cramps can still be experienced, but one major thing it does is that it causes the breast to be bigger.

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