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Both PCL and PS Drivers are page description languages which are used by the printer for printing documents. PCL is developed by Hewlett Packard, while PS Drivers or Postscript is developed by Adobe Systems. While postscript is used mostly for laser printers, PCL is used for both laser and ink-jet printers. One of the major differences between the page description languages is that postscript is usually used for accomplishing complex tasks, while PCL drivers are used for not-too complex tasks, and they are faster compared to PS Drivers.

PS Drivers are designed with more functions compared to PCL Drivers that is why it is quite popular. When you are using PS Drivers, you can send your information to the printer in plain text or binary format while you can only send your information to the printer in the binary format. In terms of quality, PCL doesn't produce good quality as PS Drivers.

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There are four correct answers to this question, which are:

A. Cloverleaf- eliminates left turn and cross-traffic. With this interchange, ramp roads handle the left turns. It is an interchange, which as two levels.

B. Diamond-little traffic crosses a busy expressway. This interchange is very common, and it occurs when a freeway crosses a minor road.

C. Trumpet- side road forms at the intersection with an expressway. This occurs when one highway ends at another one.

D. Directional-complicated intersections with a high volume of traffic, diff directions. This has connected, which are directed at the major turning movements. Those directions usually are 90 degrees.

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This is false because the one who will be at fault will be the car that stopped suddenly. The car at the back has to be traveling fast in order to hit the car. A lot of cars are able to avoid this type of accident because they are traveling at a normal speed. There are different reasons why the vehicle may have to stop suddenly.

People can give various reasons for this. For example, some stop because a person suddenly crossed the road or another vehicle suddenly crossed the intersection. Being aware at all times and having fast reflexes will always help drivers avoid collisions and other forms of accidents on the road.

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The best option for this question is letter C. If there are two cars that are going to meet at the intersection, the car on the two-lane road should yield so that the other vehicle will be able to pass through. The other options may not be ideal for the given situation.

A is the complete opposite of the correct answer. B is also not a good option because it does not matter what side the car is on. The important thing is whether the road is two-lane for four-way. D is also not a good idea obviously because if you do that, you might get into a fight with the other people on the road.

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The correct answer to this question is C. The posted limit is the maximum speed allowed under the best possible conditions. If a road is wet, icy, or otherwise impeded by lack of visibility or other obstructions, it is necessary to drive more slowly to match the conditions and maintain an appropriate level of safety.

Drivers must also be aware of additional potential hazards such as sharp turns, wildlife crossings, debris in the road, the appearance and actions of other vehicles, and other possible risks. Drivers must be cautious and aware of their surroundings in order to adjust their speed when needed.

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To allow more people and cargo to travel from one place to another efficiently

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D is the answer to this question. The PSI stands for Pound-force per square inch. This is known as one of the units of pressure. This is used in different ways. One of the most notable ways that this is used is whenever people dive. They usually bring tanks of oxygen with them that contain a certain PSI.

Take note that the reading of this will always differ when they are already at sea level. There are some divers who will determine if they already need to go resurface if they do not have enough PSI left. They can make the PSI last longer if they would know their actual weight. They can make adjustments depending on their needs.

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2-1/2 is the answer to this question not master stream device

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According to the pages 76 and 77 on the NJ DRIVER MANUAL, "A handheld cellular may be used only in certain emergency situations, which include:

So the correct would be both A and B.

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