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Defence Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Answered: Jan 07, 2018

The types of defense mechanisms are repression, reaction, formation, denial, projection, and sublimation.

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F. Lopez
Answered: May 23, 2018
There are many differences between the Army and the Marines. First, to join the Army, you have to be between 18 and 35 (although you can join with parental consent at age 17). To join the Marines...Read More

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Daniel Collingwood, SSEE
Answered: Feb 06, 2018
During the phase of the cold war, both USSR and USA were trying to disbalance the nuclear balance by achieving the ability of "First strike". The USSR was more keen on achieving this capability...Read More

1 Answer

John Smith
Answered: Jan 25, 2020
France-the 8-day counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency joint exercise shakti-2016 has started between india and france in jodhpur, rajasthan. this is the 3rd edition in the series of bilateral...Read More

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