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Customer Service Questions and Answers (Q&A)

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Ask for advice from your supervisor on the best way to handle the person.

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Being "customer service oriented" is targeted at one thing: helping individuals. As simple as it sounds, this ethos is the way to influencing it to fill in as an association.

Truly, there are a considerable measure of abilities you have to help customers adequately, yet there's a...
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Complaining Customer should be your best Customers as they may be complaining because your service levels are deteriorating or maybe because the product reduces its performance to their expectations, or might even be for a reason of them hearing that one of your competitors has been offering...Read More

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Because it makes you feel better and your at your best to give good customer service

2 Answers

My answer would be d, id I did not know the answer i would tell the client that i would double-check with my supervisor

1 Answer

The length of the call is irrelevant. Obviously, to know who it is you need to call back, you should make sure the person has the name of the caller and the telephone number of the caller. Also, the time of the call is important because that is how you determine when to call back. Also, i...Read More

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