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The right answer to this is E. Do you know that there are theories stating that the various lands that can be found in this world are more connected before? In fact, according to some researchers, the world before may have land that can be walked from one border to another. People may be able...Read More

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The correct answer to this question is C. The word "lithosphere" comes from Ancient Greek and translates to "rock sphere." A terrestrial-type planet's lithosphere is composed of the brittle and rocky crust and the rocky, rigid, and mostly cool upper layer of the mantle. The lithosphere of...Read More

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Three out of the four choices will be considered as proof for the theory created by Alfred Wegner. According to the theory, the earth’s continent used to be all close together. This explains why there were some ancestors who were still able to move walk from one continent to another...Read More

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in North America the tallest structure is CN Tower (in Canada) but if we talk about the tallest "building", the tallest building in North America is One World Trade...
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This is just wrong. 3 is the answer IF it was asking for the continental drift theory, but it was asking for Plate Tectonics, so 1 should be the answer.

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1. The crust and upper mantle

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