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Conspiracy Theory Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Martin Luther King was killed and James Ray convicted for his killing. According to FBI, CIA, army intelligence, Mafia, and Memphis, King was dangerous revolutionary leader. Pepper said that US army Special Forces Snipers were sent at the scene, all taking aim at King the same time as back up civilian assassin.

The army had orders to assassinate Reverend Andrew Young and King but they did not get final order as the so called “assassin” had already taken a shot at King. Ray was coaxed into pleading guilty but his lawyer. The bullets also were
not allowed to be tested.

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Yes. With the confirmation by Los Angeles times and CIA agency itself, it was reported by Los Angeles newspaper, that U.S intelligence release a report exposing how CIA funded for Tibetan exile movement with $ 1.7million for its operations against China and addition of $180,000 for Dalai Lama.

This was during Cold war and the money was meant to undermine communist governments like China and Soviet Union.

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The earth cannot rotate on a different axis. The earth rotates on its own axis to change the
axis path would require a big change in an angular momentum which is not possible. The
earth rotates on its own imaginary line passing from North Pole to South Pole
known as axis of the earth.

These happens once in 24 hours .The north poles is
the point where the earth’s axis of rotation meets surface and its distinct
from earths north magnetic pole .Its south poles is the point where the earth’s
axis of rotation intersects its surface in the Antarctica.

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John F Kennedy was president of United States who died on 22nd November 1963. A classified internal report claimed that spy agency acknowledged the cover up to hide evidence from warren commission and government investigations. The cover up intended to keep investigators focused on evidence that proved “What agency believed that Lee Harvey Oswald had acted alone.

His death could have been prevented if CIA and FBI had just acted on the intelligence in their own files that day. They feared to be exposed about bungling into JFK assassin .Oswald was also murdered by Jack Ruby before trials in court.

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Secret society carry out rituals behind closed doors In the name of controlling the world. Powerful societies like the skulls and bones use their powers to influence and make way up through American elite and they have been blamed for everything including the nuclear bomb and assassinations of prominent people.

Illuminati was used to brainwash masses, it was broken by Germany authority but resurfaced and operate in sinister government shadow directing politics and world. Freemasons designed by pyramids plotted the French revolution and are keeping flame alive. Bohemian groves were feared for planning of Manhattan project-worlds first ever nuclear bomb.

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There has been misleading information by tempering with, manufacturing and destruction of evidence including photos, telemetry tape, radio and TV transmissions. Even some key witnesses are missing while others killed.

High definition photos taken Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter of the Apollo landing captured the launcher module and tracks left by astronaut. In 2012 images showed 5 of the 6 Apollo missions with American flags erected on moon still landing; the exception of Apollo 11 which was laid on lunar surface since it was accidentally blown over by take- off rocket exhauster. The fox also claimed NASA faked to win space race.

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There were allegations that CIA controls the flow drugs in and out of US. There has been evidence that CIA was sponsoring war that was going on secretly in Laos from 1961 to 1975.It was then accused of trafficking heroin in Golden Triangle area.

Also during the Vietnam War, they had 30000 tribesmen working in their opium poppy fields before blaming it on a Mafia family from Florida that had established heroin refining regional lab. The CIA soon took their people out. CIA responded by saying that it was legal to trade in opium in Laos until 1971.

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World weather can now be modified as part of the most sophisticated magnetic weapon ever created. Through a combination of US mathematician know as John Von Neumann and the US government a research on weather modification was carried out in late 1940s at heights of cold wars.

They came up with different forms of climate warfare. During the Vietnam War, the cloud-seeding technique was applied starting 1967 under project Popeye, aiming at prolonging Monsoon season blocking the enemy supply routes along the Ho Chi Minh trail. The technique is used to alter weather patterns stabilizing agriculture and ecological system worldwide.

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The original illuminati disappeared but left many other societies to continue with their work. Robert Howells who was working as manager at Watkins books which is an old mystical and spiritual bookshop in London encountered members of the underground society and discovered that illuminati disappeared but left behind online dissent and counter culture groups like anonymous and wikileaks and many others that help in progressing.

Through online one can become their agent. Also they can form their own illuminati and become agents if they collectively work to bring changes in modern society. Recently there were believes they killed prominent people.

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There are allegations that Barack Obama secretly practices Islam. One third of the conservative republican of and 17% OF Americans believes so. Rumors has it that Obama was secretly Muslim during the start of campaigning 2004 Senate seat.

They compared to earlier rumor about 2000 president candidate John McCain fathering a dark skinned child out of wedlock. His father that he lived with was characterized as Muslim raised atheist .Also his step father Lolo Soetoro whom he lived with for quite some time was a Muslim. They also claim during swearing in was holding a Quran which is no true.

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