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Computer Skills Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Just click the start button and select program from the menu.

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Viruses are the curse of computer operations! In these options, the hacker is the person trying to get into your private computing activities. The worm and the pirate are designed to foul up or even close down your computing activities.

The trojan horse is much more subtle and potentially deadly because it may be some time before you realise something is wrong. The scam is to get you to upload some useful app. - say "anti-virus" or 'clean-up" software free but the trojan horse is invisibly attached and can then carry out its evil work all the time you have that software, or even after you have deleted it. So Option A is correct.

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Planning a multimedia presentation is often called storyboarding, or answer B. It’s basically how you want your presentation to go, and is often done first thing before any programs are chosen or items are discussed for order. If you know you want to have a video involved in this presentation, you’re going to pick a software that will easily allow you to work a video within the presentation.

The storyboard is also where you will decide the order of things. If you need to have a specific video come before a song, then you can keep that order as you switch things around in your storyboard without having to mess everything up. It all comes down to the idea of how you want the presentation to play out.

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Both B and E are correct, you can use either the right or left mouse button when making a selection.

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1024 mega byte is equal to 1 gb

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