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Computer Programming Questions and Answers (Q&A)

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These two terms are used in programming. You can export your finished project to either EXE or DLL after coding. EXE makes it possible to identify a file as a program, and it is a shortened version for word executable. DLL, on the other hand, stands for Dynamic Link Library. It usually entails procedures and functions which can be used by other programs. This makes a major difference between EXE and DLL; EXE can be run as an independent file, while DLL is run with other programs.

An EXE file has an entry point or a point where the operating system should start to run the program, but a DLL file does not have any entry point, and it cannot be executed on its own. DLL files a good advantage, and that is that they can be reused in other applications so far the coder understands the parameters for its usage. In the launching of an EXE file, a process and memory space are created for it to run on; but the DLL file does not require any process or memory space since it would be run by other programs.

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The "S" in string should be capital and the variables should be initialised. The program will not compile if you write it like that. Therefore the answer is none of the above.

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A URL is the Uniform Resource Locator that is created to help a person locate a website

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I beg to disagree, because from my experience, i learned to c++ first before i come to learn VB.

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