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The word "Hello" has its origin back in 1827, if we go by the Oxford dictionary. It is extensively used as one of the most common conversation starters around the globe, along with "Hi" and "What's up?" over the phone or in person.
Different cultures have translated it into their language...
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This depends on what email processor you’re using. Microsoft Outlook will certainly allow Microsoft Word, as will Gmail and a few other email providers - such as Verizon and Yahoo. Some kinds of files can have viruses or other things in the files that will harm the computer. As technology...Read More

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When you hear conservation and preservation, it may appear to you that they have the same meaning. Both terms are used by people who are giving protection to their environs but often miss them up. The fact is that these two terms are entirely different, though both have similar methods but are...Read More

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Public communication is a common way of saying public speaking. Public speaking usually makes people scared even when they hear the term. However, it certainly doesn’t have to be if the person prepares the speech completely. To do this, the public speaker must take into account many...Read More

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Communication between the nurse and patient can be very important. it is true that one way communication is highly structureed as it is also true that one way communication has very little place in a patient nurse relationship. It can be said that even when a person hears a message but does not...Read More

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NTSC stands for National Television System Committee, which is the television broadcasting system used in North America and Japan. PAL stands for Phase Alternate Line. The significant difference between the PAL and NTSC version is compatibility with older television sets. The NTSC PS3 will only...Read More

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The correct answer is C. To have a successful communication, one must relay his or her message to another person and must get feedback in return. This is vital between humans to convey their feelings and needs to avoid misunderstandings. Communication also has been a tool in sharing infor...Read More

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Apart from the two major problems in communication, state two other barriers to effective communication

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This answer is most definitely true because pure alexia persons can write but not read

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