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Cinco De Mayo Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Cinco de Mayo is a popular Mexican holiday, not only celebrated in Mexico but all over the world. The day is a celebration of when the Mexican army beat the French on May 5, 1862. President Juarez declared that day become a holiday on September 16, 1862, and it has been celebrated ever since.

There are many ways that the holiday is celebrated. One way is to decorate. Many homes and businesses decorate with flowers and balloons, in the red, green, and white colors of the Mexican flag. Another way to celebrate is to participate in a ceremony or parade commemorating the Mexican victory.

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Mexico declared victory until 1867 when, aided by US could throw away the french goverment and executed Maximilian. If the question refers when the mexican army defeated the frech, yes the answer is May 5th. So or you redo you question or erase it because it is wrong.

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The correct answer to this question is C, May 5, 1862. This victory is special because, before that, the French had never lost, but this time, they were outnumbered by the Mexican army. The President, at the time, President Juarez, saw the importance of the victory that he declared the day a national holiday on September 16, 1862.

This holiday is what we know today as Cinco de Mayo. Not only is it celebrated in Mexico, but many all over the world celebrate the holiday, from having parades and ceremonies to decorating and dressing up in honor of Mexican culture.

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The correct answer to this question is A, The French returned and conquered the Mexicans. Despite this, Mexico continues to celebrate their victory from the previous year. This is partly due to the fact that President Juarez declared May 5 a holiday on September 16, 1862.

Over the world, this holiday is known as Cinco de Mayo. During this day, the Mexican victory of the French is celebrated. There are small and grand ways that people celebrate the day. Some choose to dress up and eat foods, as well as drinks from the Mexican culture, while others participate in parades and ceremonies.

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The French returned and conquered the Mexicans is the correct answer to this question. Though this occurred a year later, it doesn't stop Mexico from celebrating their victory in 1862. Still today, this victory is celebrated through a holiday called Cinco de Mayo.

The thanks for celebrating this day goes to then-President Juarez. On September 16, 1862, he declared May 5 a holiday in honor of the victory that occurred that day. Cinco de Mayo is not just a Mexican holiday, but it is celebrated all over the world with parades, ceremonies, costumes, alcoholic drinks, and good Mexican food.

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The correct answer to this question is the Battle of Puebla. This battle occurred on May 5, 1862. It took place during the Second French intervention in Mexico happened near Mexico's Puebla City. During this battle, Mexico had less equipment and fewer people, but they were still able to become victorious. In the long run, that was the boost they needed for their morality.

The Battle of Puebla is still important today, for it is why Cinco de Mayo is celebrated once every year. The holiday itself happens on May 5, which is the same date as the battle. Other countries recognize the landmark win for Mexico, which is why Cinco de Mayo is celebrated all over the world.

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The Battle of Puebla, which occurred on May 5, 1862, was very important to Mexico. This battle was against the French, which, as an army, had more equipment and more bodies than Mexico. Despite being large in number, Mexico was still able to claim victory. More than anything, The Battle of Puebla gave Mexico a morale boost against an army which most would say should have won.

This win was also important because it slowed the French down towards their goal of getting near Mexico City. The impact of this battle is still felt today as people celebrate Cinco de Mayo each year.

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