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Cheetah Questions and Answers (Q&A)

An adult, male cheetah usually weighs about 83 – 145 pounds. They are known to be of the same weight with adult, male leopards. One issue about cheetahs now is how there are only a little more than 7000 cheetahs that are alive. They survive in limited places and there are also some hunters who hunt cheetahs even when it is illegal.

This animal, which is known to run very fast, is on its way to becoming endangered. Some are already having problems with living because of the lack of living space and the lack of food to eat. Will human beings allow cheetahs to be completely eradicated from the world?

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Yes. That is true. Cheetahs are very calm animals. They might seem like intimidating cats with their large teeth, a deadly stare, and that awesome sprinting speed but there are sides to cheetahs you do not know about.

Cheetahs have been traditionally used for hunting in the past. Infact, cheetahs were tamed by Egyptians for hunting and to keep as housepets. Sure cheetahs are not as tamable as, say, a golden retriever but if raised from a cub they are pretty friendly. Even if untamed, cheetahs would rarely attack a human. The fact is cheetahs usually hunt smaller animals and they are not the apex predators of their respective environments.

Tribes with cheetahs for hunting (Image above)

Cheetahs are also not very powerful hunters and the long association with humans, they have co-evolved with us. Even today, some African tribes use cheetahs as hunting partners. In Fact, wildlife sanctuaries allow you to pet cheetahs they have bred. Cheetahs in captivity are raised alongside dogs since they love socializing and this also makes them safer than other big cats.

Cheetah being raised alongside dogs (Image above)

P.S.: Do not think they are completely tame. They might bite you if they feel threatened.

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When animals are born, they need guidance. Usually, these animals are raised by their mothers or fathers. Gorillas carry their babies on their backs and kangaroos carry their joeys in their pouches. After months or even years, the babies are all grown up and they are ready to leave their mothers and fathers to live their own lives. However, not all animals raise their babies in the same way.

Cheetahs, for example, are known as living in isolation. They do not congregate as a group and live together in groups, but they live alone. Those cheetahs that are in captivity are being helped by dogs because they help bring the cheetahs out of their shell. If they don’t have a mother to help them, the cheetah needs guidance and a dog is there to provide that.

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The fastest land animal is the cheetah. It is known for running very fast. They can run about as fast as a car. Cars usually are driven at around 70 miles per hour and that is how fast cheetahs can run. As a matter of fact, they can run their fastest in a mere few seconds.

There are certain reasons by cheetahs can run fast and that is because they have certain body parts that help them run. Cheetahs barely touch the ground when they are running. Their cleat feet help them run as well as their tail provides for balance. However, it may seem odd that a cheetah only runs fast for a short amount of time and that has to do with their sleek physique.

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In the animal kingdom, animals must eat plants or other animals. If they eat only plants, they are known as herbivores. If they eat only animals, they are known as carnivores. If they eat both plants and animals, they are known as omnivores. Many animals are carnivores just like the cheetahs. However, different animals eat other different animals.

These animals that eat the other animals are called predators and the animals they eat are called the prey. Cheetahs are predators of smaller animals and even very small animals. These include gazelles, rabbits, zebras and deer. Since they can run fast, it is rather easy for them to catch these animals that are quite slower than the cheetah. These animals must watch out for the cheetahs.

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Some animals live in packs which means that they live together. There are both benefits and drawbacks to living together in a pack and living independently. When you live together in a pack, you must find food for everyone in the pack. Also, weak animals are usually not allowed to join or remain in the pack and they would be tossed aside.

So, it is important to stay strong and contribute to the pack. Another drawback would be that usually a predator will not attack animals that are in a pack because there are too many of them. Female cheetahs are known for wandering by themselves. This may be because they have to find food and they don’t want to try to find food for the pack.

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Based on the fact that cheetahs are easier to tame than other big cats like lions and tigers, this may be why cheetahs have gained more popularity in history and today. Also, people seem to like cheetahs more based on the fact that they run very fast. They want to have a cheetah as a pet because it is the animal that runs the fastest. They also seem to be rarer than the lions and tigers.

Those animals were probably more abundant than the cheetah. Famous leaders in ancient history wanted these animals especially the cheetah because they were so unusual and uncommon compared to the lions and tigers that could be hunted more easily. Even today, the cheetahs are more popular than the other big cats.

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Any baby animal that has not grown up to an adult yet is more vulnerable to attacks than grown animals. This is especially true of those in the wild. There are so many predators out there that many of the cubs could be attacked. A very small percentage of the cheetah cubs will actually make it to adulthood due to several factors. First, cheetah cubs need their parents to survive.

If a poacher kills their parents, then the cheetah cubs will most likely not be able to survive. Also, cheetah cubs may starve to death because they can’t find enough food. Also, the cheetahs must have a place to live. Their habitat may be destroyed. Last, cheetahs are hunted for their fur.

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Like many wild animals, cheetahs can attack. People should be wary of any wild animal that lurks in the mountains or anywhere, for that matter. They can attack by clawing at you. However, cheetahs are also known for having sharp teeth. These animals have thirty teeth in their heads. Their teeth function for certain reason based on the fact that they have to find and kill prey in the wild.

So, they have sharp teeth near their cheeks. These teeth help to tear the animal. Then they also have some teeth that can strangle animals because they are flat. So, cheetahs do bite hard because they not only tear skin and flesh from animals or humans, but they can also suffocate an animal or human.

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Even though there are certain animals that are prey to other animals, that doesn’t mean than an animal won’t kill any other animal. If a wild animal is hungry and sees an animal that it thinks it could kill, it probably will. Usually, certain animals that are smaller than a predator will become its prey. However, lions and zebras are probably larger than cheetahs, but they can be a cheetah’s prey because cheetahs can run fast and have very sharp teeth.

If a cheetah or other wild animal sees a smaller animal even if it is a baby, it will most likely make it its prey. Therefore, cheetahs do hunt lion cubs and any other small animal to make it a meal for lunch or dinner.

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