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Cardiac Pharmacology Questions and Answers (Q&A)

John Adney
Answered: Apr 17, 2017
Unlike typical angina – which is often triggered by exertion or emotional stress - Prinzmetal’s angina almost always occurs when a person is at rest, usually between midnight and early...Read More

4 Answers

John Adney
Answered: Feb 21, 2017
The response is the most common intervention to tell the patient. Nitro may cause headaches, however the question asks what is NOT relevant to tell the patient.

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John Adney
Answered: Oct 18, 2017

Dumbass you dont have to write that here, you just press submit

1 Answer

John Adney
Answered: Nov 22, 2017
It could be variant or unstable angina. Unstable Angina is Angina that occurs at rest. This is attributed to blocking of 90% of the lumen. The same can happen with Variant, where the patient has...Read More

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Answered: Oct 02, 2018
Can you please let me know how the lift is calculated as 30% here. Thanks

1 Answer

John Adney
Answered: Mar 27, 2017
What???? I thought it was grapefruit juice? Really? Ok ok ok ok ok

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