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Pancakes and pikelets look similar; the main ingredients used in their preparation are the same. These include flour, milk, and egg, but their appearances, texture, and sizes are quite different. Pikelets are either eaten cold or hot in countries like Australia, Scotland, New Zealand, and many...Read More

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Both Gum Paste and Fondant are used for decorating cakes. You might easily confuse the two while decorating your cake because Gum paste and Fondant are both pliable doughs and they are made with sugar. However, despite the fact that they share some similarities, they are different from each...Read More

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There are very few things better than having a homemade cake that you baked yourself. Baking a cake is very simple, even though a lot of people find baking to be a bit daunting. With a simple recipe, you can bake the cake of your dreams and not have to worry about going to the store at the last...Read More

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Vegetable Oil

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German Chocolate Cake

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