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ABGs are blood tests that are useful in identifying the cause and extent of the acid-base disturbance and in guiding and monitoring treatment.

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Metabolic Alkalosis

NGT suctioning, vomiting, hypokalemia and overdosage of NaHCO3 are considered risk factors of metabolic alkalosis.

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Metabolic Acidosis

The body compensates by using body fat for energy. producing abnormal amounts of ketone bodies. In an effort to neutralize the ketones and maintain the acid-base balance of the body. plasma bicarbonate is exhausted. This condition can develop in anyone who does not eat...
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Metabolic Acidosis. Fully Compensated

Baby Angela has metabolic acidosis due to decreased HCO3 and slightly acidic pH. Her pH value is within the normal range which made the result fully compensated.

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Basophilic Stippling

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Anaplasma marginale

Found in cattle

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