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Blood Type Questions and Answers (Q&A)

The answers to this question are wrong. AB blood type can only donate to AB do to the facts that both A and B have antigens around they surface that will cause other blood type to form antigens that will attacks that type blood. However, AB blood type is a universal recipient.

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This answer is not correct; the AB blood type has antigens of both A and B, but no anti serum (I.e. no reaction to A or B) making it the Universal recieptant but not donor. AB can only donate to other AB recieptants

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A person from blood group A can only donate blood to a persons of blood group A and AB. This so because blood group B and O have antibodies against A antigen (anti-A) and if they are transfused with A blood group would react destroying the transfused red blood cells. Blood group A and AB lack antibodies against A antigen and hence if transfused with blood group A they wound be compatible produsing no transfusion reaction.

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AB given to AB ONLY

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Shouldnt type O be able to give and get blood to and from any of the 4 blood types? Or is that specifically for AB blood carriers?

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