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Australia Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Australia is a country blessed with so many natural wonders for tourists to visit and explore. The country is known for it's beautiful beaches, open deserts, wildlife. There are some great cities with awesome attractions when you visit them. And you find the best of foods in Australia. The country is known for the following: - The Great Barrier Reef: It is believed to be the longest and largest coral reef system, it contains turtles, shark, about 1,500 different species of fish, and other marine life.

The reef is so large that it can't be explored in a day. You also get the opportunity to surf in the reef to observe how these marine lives live in their habitat. -Sidney opera house: Your trip to Australia may not be complete if you haven't visited Opera house. The building is known worldwide, you get to explore and enjoy the beach, amazing foods this place offers. Another thing is Australia meat pies, you need to first have a taste of this delicious meal before you can understand the kind of enjoyment you stand to have. The meat pie is common in Australia and New Zealand.

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Australia is a good country to visit as it has multiple opportunities in tourism, business, and education sector. To take the benefit of one of these opportunities, you should visit Australia. To visit Australia, you should hold an Australia visa. Before applying for Australia visa, you should know the basic requirements of Australia visa.

What is an Australia Visa?

As per the Australian Government, to enter the country, most nationals need a permit called the Australian visa. Based on the length of stay, the number of entries, and the purpose of the visit, there are multiple types of Australia visa.

Documents Required for Australia Visa

There are certain documents required for Australia visa as follows-

  • A Passport, valid for the next six months from the date of travel.
  • Passport-sized photographs as per the requirements.
  • Travel Itinerary.
  • Hotel Accommodations.
  • Confirmed Air Tickets.
  • Bank Statements of the last six months having a healthy balance.

How to check Australia Visa Status?

You can check the Australia Visa status by entering Passport Number and Application ID on the Australian High Commission Website.

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The educational system in Australia is regarded as one of the best in the world. If you are looking for a country with good educational system, Australia is indeed the best for you. Most of its institutions are highly rated worldwide. The level of immigrants coming into the country to study has increased, this may not be unconnected with the quality standard of education in Australian schools.

There's a wide range of educational opportunities for international students in Australia. In Australia, there is a primary school system, secondary school system, vocational education and training as well the higher institutions, all of them going about 1200 schools. The Australian educational system is strongly supported by laws that offer periodical reforms for their educational system. Australian schools have produced a lot of great men, they have produced great entrepreneurs, scientists, lawyers, artists and educators who are making big impacts all over the world.

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Australia is one of the leading countries in the world, offering opportunities for business and education. To visit Australia, you might need an Australian Visa. There are various types of Australian Visa depending on the purpose of the visit. Before visiting Australia, you should know the requirements of Australian Visa.

Australia Visa Types
Depending on the purpose of the visit there are following types of Australia Visa-

  • Australian Tourist Visa: This visa mostly required for the people whose purpose is to visit the country for enjoying holidays. This is a short-term visa allows an applicant to visit the country for a specific duration of time.
  • Australian Business Visa: This visa mostly acquired by a person who visits the country to perform some business activities. It includes business activities or some professional activities.
  • Australian Visitor Visa: This visa is required for the people who are invited to Australia by their family/friends.
  • Australian Student Visa: This visa is required for International Students who visit the country for educational purpose.

How to apply for Australia Visa

  • Visit the Government website for visa and create an account on IMMIAccount.
  • Feel the personal details in the application form and attach the documents.
  • The further process involves a health examination, which is for the person whose age is above 75, is applying for a visa longer than 6 months.
  • The primary and important emails regarding your application shall be mailed to you on your email.
  • The status of your application can be checked online by logging on to IMMIAccount.

Australian Visa Requirements

  1. A valid passport.
  2. Age criteria depending on the type of visa.
  3. You should have a strong financial status with a healthy bank balance.
  4. Confirmed Air Tickets.
  5. Hotel Accommodation.

Note: Be ready with the documents before applying for the visa.

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It may come as a surprise to some people but Australia does not have an official language. The main language that they use to communicate is English so it would be safe to say that English may be the language that they use the most. This is known to be a culturally diverse country. There are a lot of people from different parts of the world who have immigrated to Australia.

Some of them will still use their native language even when they are already there. The accent of Australians is a bit different from US and UK English though. They also have a unique way of saying things that may not be easy to understand even to other native English speakers.

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One thing that is very peculiar to countries apart from their language, culture, dance is food. Many countries are known for their foods likewise Australia. Australia has many foods that are known with them. Eating Australian food when you have the opportunity is regarded as something one should do once in a while. Out of more than 40 dishes that belong to Australia, there is one mostly love by most people.

Hamburger with beetroot is a great Australia dish. There is no doubt, hamburger is nearly everywhere in the world, but nothing taste better than hamburger that has a pieces of beetroot sliced on it. Honestly, what makes the type of hamburger you would be treated with or get in Australia is the beetroot added. This dish is very popular that you don't need to get it from any restaurant before you can taste it, because you can get it right in your home.

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The urge to study in Australia is something that has grown in the heart of many students across the globe. Australia is known for its standard system of education. And gradually Australia is becoming more and more acceptable as a student's preferred destination in terms of academic study. The advantage one stand to get for studying in Australia is some much.

Australian schools are known for excellence and that is why when you look at their approach to education, you would clearly see that it is based on practical and carrier oriented courses and training so their students will be fully equipped with the right knowledge and the application. This is very important because we currently live in a world that demands your skills before you can be hired by any employer.

The kind of innovation at in Australian schools is so commendable, the ease and the faster rate at which they adopt important innovation about technologies is why Australian schools are well preferred to other schools in the world. And most importantly, there's safety for you as you pursue your academic goals.

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There are large ranches in Australia because ranches are the perfect place to keep the kind and a huge number of cattle in Australia. Australia is known for having the best set of ranches in the world, no country has been found to have the kind of ranches in Australia in terms of capacity, size, number of cattle. There are so many investors in Australia who specialize mainly on rearing of cattle.

The largest ranch is in Australia, Anna Creek station covers about 6 million acres of land, this is really huge and large compared to other ranches in the world, there was a news that the founder of Anna Creek station wanted to sell the ranch at a whopping $725 million. Apart from Anna Creek station, there are other big ranches in Australia. The country should be called the home of cattle. Ranches owners in Australia are considered to be very rich, and the government is getting an appreciable percentage of income from it.

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Australia is a very good country to visit so that you can have a share out of many opportunities in Australia. But no matter how good something is, there will definitely be some bad things about it. Australia does have a couple of bad things that might erase any thought to visit the country. But the good thing is those things cannot be compared with the level of enjoyment and satisfaction you derive for visiting Australia.

One worst thing about Australia is the distance one would cover before getting to the country except you are coming from New Zealand, which is very close to Australia. As a result, you would spend a lot to get there. Australia is ranked as the 6th of countries that are expensive. You would not want to live there if you do not have money. The cost of renting in Australia is 35% higher than what would cost you in the United States.

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Australians perceive Americans to be good people, at least they are to a particular extent friendly and accommodating if not there won't be any form of peaceful coexistence with immigrants in the United States. In terms of military support to a foreign nation, the American government is really trying. Australians also like the huge constitutional right of Americans, which means there are some constitutional rights being enjoyed by Americans which Australians do not enjoy.

The stable economic growth of the United States is something Australians like about the US, it is even believed that the cost of living in Australia is higher than that of the US. But Australians still think Americans should be more loving especially on the issue of security, they should not discriminate. About the US government, Australians do think the system is a bit corrupt with some people especially rich ones forming alliance to take advantage of the poor.

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