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Ancient Egypt Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Ancient Egyptians had their meals from the crops they produced. They grew mostly grains. The main crops grown were wheat and barley. The wheat was made into bread and barley into beer.Both the rich and poor ate from their major staples which were bread and beer. Vegetables like onions, beans, lettuces, lentils, cabbage and garlic were added to their meals sometimes. They usually had plum, dates and melons for dessert.

Meat, fish and poultry were common among the rich. Oils were made from lettuces, sesames, radish seeds and many other flowers. They also made sweeteners from honey and dates. Dishes like "ful medames" and "Ta'meya" are traditional dishes of the Egyptians that originated from the staples of the ancient Egyptians.

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He must of been really old something like in his late hundreds so ill say 999

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The correct answer to this question is C, social heirarchy and theocracy. Ancient Egypt's society was very organized. In the beginning, the society started with the upper and lower class people. As time went on, the middle class emerged. The highest level of society in Ancient Egypt is the royal family.

This family includes the pharaoh, his wives, and children. The pharaoh was thought of as a human form of God. Along with this social heirarchy, Ancient Egypt was run as a theocracy, which is a form of government, where the pharaoh leaders claim to rule on behalf of God.

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The pyramid in the picture belongs to Khafre not Khufu

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In ancient Egypt, the Egyptians built pyramids. These pyramids were triangular shaped buildings made with large blocks of dried sand. It is believed that the leaders at the time forced slaves to carry these stones to the appropriate places for the pyramids. Building these pyramids from beginning to end took years to do. These pyramids were created by these leaders because they were tombs for the kings or leaders.

They wanted to be wrapped in cloth called mummies and they were stored in the pyramids. One famous leader was King Tut. He was very young when he became the leader of ancient Egypt and then young when he died. It was only recently that his tomb was opened. Cleopatra was also Egyptian.

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C and A are the same answer, but i still got it wrong. People are not paying attention to spelling and answer choices. I wasted my time here. I could've been doing something USEFUL with my time. BUt instead i'm in class, wasting time on this dumb test, and there is NO way you can win it fairly. I am inraged.

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