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Physiological factors are events that are carried out primarily for the sake of the outcome or results. These tasks are done to meet the final result. Usually a person may not be concerned with the process itself if it pertains to a physiological factor, but the person really is anticipating the outcome. For example, day-to-day tasks are primarily done because people get into a habit of doing them when they know what the outcome will be.

When a physiological action is needed to be done, then the person may go through the process, but he or she wants the end result. When an employee intentionally ignores their boss’s request, the employee is really wanting to get the boss’s attention or reaction from his or her behavior.

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The coreect answer here is (B) 20ft however, the 1c-135-2-2-2 states 25ft

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The answer to this is B. You are going to edit the composition of the article that you are reviewing. There are different things that you may edit. You can check out the grammar of the article. It is also best if you would check the punctuation marks that are used in the article.

If you have a good grasp of the English language, this is not going to be hard for you to do. You always have the option to learn more so that you can do better in editing every time. Reading more books and other literary works will be good training in order to do better in spotting mistakes and editing.

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Urgent, Emergency, and Routine. Immediate is for TCTOs. Normal TO improvements don't have that category.

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