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Air Force Questions and Answers (Q&A)

The MJ-1 is 3,000 lbs

While the MHU-83 is 7,000

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The answer to this question is incorrect. The correct answer should be Maintenance Operations Center (MOC).

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Since the end of the cold war, there was no question that American fighter jet ruled over the international airspace and there was no match for FA-18, F-16 fulcrum, F-15. Even the advanced jets like MIG-29 fulcrum couldn’t come close to American airpower. However with the rise of the Chinese defense budget and the sustenance of Russian economy in early 2000’s got defense analyst in Pentagon thinking about long overdue of their air superiority.

One thing was made clear that a 5th generation plane was underway either by the Americans themselves or by Chinese or Russians. This lead to the initiation of advanced stealth program by the US Department of Defense (DOD). In the beginning, 2 teams were made among which one included likes of Lockheed, Boeing and other included prominent players like Northrop Grumman, McDonnell Douglas. After intensive development both the teams presented their working prototype YF-22 (Lockheed, Boeing), YF-23(Northrop, McDonnell Douglas).

Finally, in April 1991, secretary of defense "Donald rice" announced the YF-22 as the victor. However, the airforce preferred YF-23 as it was more quick, technologically advanced but YF-22 was more maneuverable.

After that YF-22 went to the testing phase where many changes were made in it and eventually it looked more like YF-23. Both the jets do not carry their weapons outside in the open rather inside which makes it more stealthier. YF-22 took its maiden flight as air force jet on 15 December 2005. F-22 as it is known after its induction is known for its best thrust to weight ratio. Each unit of an F-22 raptor costs about 150 million dollars which makes it the most expensive fighter jet in the world. However, the performance of F-22 is outstanding as compared to the jets and it basically outcasts all other fighter jets.

Some of the parameters which make F-22 superior to other fighters are

1>Two turbofans which produce the thrust of 35,000 lbs each

2>The 2-dimensional thrust vectoring nozzles.

3> Speed of about Mach 2.0

4> The most sophisticated radar system in the world AN/APG-77, which is developed by Northrop Grumman.

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The Lowest Rank in the Air Force is AIRMAN BASIC

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The factor that will have an effect on the spacing of the sidebands is letter B. Frequency modulation is already common for radio communications. Even with all of the technologies that were created over the past years, this is still one factor that cannot be denied. This can make use of digital and analog signal in order to showcase the frequency waves.

Aside from radios, frequency modulations are also used by hearing aids in order to project sounds to those who are using them. The frequency modulation system is usually simple consisting only of a microphone and the receiver.

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(B) Report of task evaluation.

AF IMT - 803 is a code used by the Air Education and Training Command(AETC) for the evaluation of air force parachute regiment and does not apply to the Reserve force and Air national guards.

Under this code, all the troops in the parachute regiment are evaluated and standardized.

AF IMT-803 was first issued in 2004 under the command of Col. Lee T. Pittnam.

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Correct answer is option D – Air Force career field manager (AFCFM)
AFCFM authorizes that an Air force job qualification standard (AFJQS) will be used as a standalone document. It is responsible for one or more enlisted career field.

AFCFM is the advisor for all matters affecting the career field. It communicates with MFM (MAJCOM Functional Mangers) and AETC (Air Education and Training Command) training managers to carry out all career field policies and program requirements. It is also the final authority for waving CFETP (Career Field Education and Training Plan) requirements.

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First Sergeant is a position, not a rank. Therefore the correct answer should be Master Sergeant

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30-87.975 is VHF FM 88-107.975 is civilian 108-151.975 is VHF AM (108-115.975 is recieve only in VHF AM)

so the correct answer would be 30-87.975MHz. verified by cdcs

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Bioenvironmental Engineering. The built environment poses all kinds of threats to human health, and monitoring these threats is crucial for keeping people healthy. Facilities have to be constructed in such a way that environmental health risks are minimized, and this is the responsibility of Bioenviornmental Engineering. The core features of bioenvironmental engineering are: emergency response, environmental protection, industrial hygiene, and radiation.

Based on the military public health model, this field controls the hazards of the Air Force and manages threats both to the environment and to Airmen themselves. This particularly involves control of hazardous materials and keeping air and drinking water clean. Without bioenvironmental engineering, environmental health could be a major cause of lost mission effectiveness in the Air Force.

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