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3P071 Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Option A - subtract the 3.5 degree from your azimuth.
To convert grid azimuth to magnetic azimuth you have to subtract the G - M angle from the grid azimuth. For example, if GM angle is 3.5 and grid azimuth is 150, magnetic azimuth will be
Magnetic azimuth = 150 - 3.5
= 146.5
Likewise, If you need to convert magnetic azimuth to grid azimuth, you will have to add magnetic azimuth to GM angle.

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There are different kinds of withdrawals depending on the topic we are talking about, but since this topic falls under the part of Map and Geography Trivia (3P071 Volume 3) which may or may not talk about security forces, we can say that the two types of withdrawal are assisted and unassisted. A withdrawal is defined as a planned operation in which a force disengages from an enemy force and it may happen under enemy pressure.

Withdrawals are done especially when a situation requires fast action from the commander so that he can save his command from further disaster. As the name implies, a withdrawal is considered as assisted if the command receives assistance while they retreat from the enemy force. An unassisted withdrawal happens when the command withdraw from the enemy force without any assistance from any other chain of command.

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The answer is letter C. An azimuth is a horizontal angle measured clockwise from true north, magnetic north, or grid north. To make this easier to understand, here are a few details regarding azimuths that you need to remember which may come in handy in the future:

1) The angles in azimuths are measured clockwise, 2) These angles are measured from any reference meridian, 3) Azimuths range from 0 degree to 360 degrees, 4) Azimuths are always referenced from north, not south, 5) When we talk about true north, it talks about true azimuths and 6) If we talk about magnetic north, it refers to magnetic azimuths which refer to the curve between the certain point on the horizon below the direction of the magnetic north.

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The answer is letter D. The most important thing to look for when you’re inspecting your lensatic compass is whether the dial or arrow is moving freely. A compass is a delicate instrument and should be well taken care of. It is always required to check or inspect the compass when you are using it.

A lensatic compass has three main parts: the cover which contains the lid and the sighting wire, the base which contains the floating dial with markers for East, South and West and an arrow which points to the north and the reading lens which is a moveable arm that is attached to the base of the lentic compass and serves as protection when the compass is closed or not in use.

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The response time of a back-up force supporting ground movements of nuclear weapons is 15 minutes. This is probably because nuclear weapons are kept on hair-trigger alert – this means that the back-up force could strike within 15 minutes once a decision to support ground movement has been made. The response time is just sufficient enough so that it could safeguard the command from unauthorized or accidental launches because once a nuclear weapon has been launched, it cannot be recalled.

15 minutes was always the norm when it comes to response time. Hillary Clinton was subjected to different negative comments when she discussed that the response time for back-up force to launch nuclear weapons should only be four minutes. This means that once the President gives out his order to launch the nuclear weapon, there will only be a window of four minutes and not fifteen minutes.

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The answer is letter D. Black is the color found on a map which represents man-made features such as roads and buildings. If we talk about colors found on a map, it is also good to know that there are several colors used to describe unique features on a map. Blue represents water such as lakes, streams and glaciers, green represents vegetation and forest.

White represents the lack of vegetation in an area, brown represents information about an area’s elevation, red represents major roads, highways and information about the town or a certain section, and pink represents urban areas. Although there are three colors that may fall under man-made features – black, red or reddish brown – black is the most common color used to represent these man-made features.

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The answer is letter B. The commander of the moving unit is the one responsible for the mechanical condition of convoy vehicles. He is required to inspect all vehicles according to the appropriate standards before the vehicles depart for their mission. Aside from this responsibility, the commander of the moving unit should also ensure that loads are inspected, weapons are inspected, additional fuel and water are provided especially in case of emergencies where fuel and water can come in handy, columns are marked and identified appropriately and tarpaulin and troop safety straps are provided when necessary or required.

The commander of the moving unit must really check the mechanical condition of convoy vehicles because if convoy experiences mechanical failure, it will jeopardize their mission and they won’t be able to reach their goal.

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