Medical Terminology (final Exam)

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Medical Terminology Quizzes & Trivia
Test Consist of all Body Systems

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1.  What are the accessory organs of the digestive system?
2.  What are the Male and Female reproduction hormones?
3.  List the Four Members of the Urinary System.
4.  What are the Four Quadrants?
5.  What are the 9 Regions of the Body?
6.  There are Two parts to the Skeletal System. What are they and What do they do?
7.  Name the three parts of the heart and their meaning.
8.  What are the three layer of the skin?
9.  List the Route that food travels. (In order 1-8)
10.  Name the four word elements that make up medical words:
11.  Name the order when defining medical words:
12.  List the organs of the upper GI Tract:
13.  List the organs of the lower GI Tract:
14.  What are the three parts of the vertebrae?
15.  Name the four types of bone and an example of each.
16.  What are the three types of muscles? And list which is voluntary or involuntary.
17.  List the Actions of the muscles and opposite.
18.  What does the upper respiratory tract consist of:
19.  List the three types of Joints and their meaning:
20.  Define a joint or Articulation:
21.  The organs of the Lymphatic system consist of:
22.  Break down " Dys/penia" (define)
23.  Break down "Primi/gravida" (define)
24.  Break down "Sub/cutaneous" (define)
25.  Break down "Amino/centesis"
26.  Break down "Erythr/o/penia" (define)
27.  Break down "Dys/trophy" (define)
28.  Break down "Cardio/graph" (define)
29.  Break down "Melan/oma" (define)
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