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Winter Questions and Answers (Q&A)

This is akin to melting the ice when salt is placed on top of it

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The answer to this is E, all of the above. When people undergo aseptic technique, this means that you will go through certain procedures in order to prevent yourself from being contaminated. You would need to minimize the risk of getting infections otherwise, the pathogens may spread from one person to another. It may worsen the conditions of those who have poor immunity too.

Some people become confused with sterile and aseptic. Sterile means that all of the microbes will be removed but aseptic means that only the disease-causing organisms will be removed. There are some procedures that can only be done in certain rooms in order to prevent the possibility of diseases from spreading.

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Winter officially begins when Earth experiences the shortest period of daylight and the longest night of the entire year. This phenomenon is called the winter solstice and it also marks the beginning of winter in the United States. For 2017, winter will officially start on December 21, 2017, Thursday, and will end on March 20, 2018 which will then be followed with spring. However, it is worthy to note that winter does not always begin on the 21st of December or not always on Thursday.

This holds true for the year 2015 when winter began on December 22 which was a Tuesday. To make it easy to understand, whichever date the winter solstice occurs, then that day will be considered as the official start of winter.

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