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Volleyball Questions and Answers (Q&A)

"B", each time they win a serve in the game the players will rotate counter-clockwise.

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Traditional. Sorng

Match point. Scoring.

Rally. Scori

Point. Set. Scoring

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Letter A is the right answer. A volleyball game consists of 6 players in each of the two teams in a total of 12 players in the court. The teams are separated by a net in the middle where the players will try to score points by tossing and hitting the volleyball to their opponent by passing over the net and not hitting the ground.

Each team must only hit 3 times when the ball is theirs and on the third hit they must pass it to their opponent and try to score. The positions of the six players are the setter, the libero or the defensive specialist, a hitter; all these 3 are the back row players. For the front, there are the outside hitter, middle hitter, and the right-side hitter.

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Volleyball is a popular sport commonly played at beaches. It has gained international attention and is now a well-established team sport. It consists of six players present on each side of the net. The rules are simple enough. Each team needs to safely deliver the ball to the opposite side of the net while strategically trying to make the ball fall in a place where it is sure to hit the ground.

A ball that is missed counts as a point for the team on the opposite side of the net. However, there are also rules for the number of times the player on one side of the net can hit the ball. They can do so for consecutive three times, after which they are penalized.

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It depends on what you mean by "sets in front of" Sets the BALL in front of the 10' line? Or sets FROM in front of the 10 foot line.

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The correct answer to this question is D. Volleyball is a sport that is played using a net and in-lines, just like you would in tennis, but players would not use a racket like you would in volleyball. You would use your arms or hands instead of a racket in order to keep the ball in play. A let serve in volleyball is different from tennis.

A let serve is when the ball hits the net and bounces on the other side of the court. The let serve is actually legal in volleyball, whereas in tennis, the serve would be considered illegal.

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You can't. THis isn't soccer. You aren't allowed to hit the ball with your head. I play volleyball and I'm in 8th grade, and we never had this rule.

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Not b and c I play volleyball u only pass the services line duh

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Twice because a block counts as well right it needs to be more specific

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