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Dress codes were first implemented in the school system to prevent students from wearing inappropriate clothes to school, and it was thought to create a safer, more professional environment. In business situations, the most common type of dress code is business casual, but most colleges do not have dress code requirements. In corporate offices, appropriate clothes are clean.

Business casual clothes for men include a dress shirt, polo shirt, trousers, or other similar outfits. Suits, neckties, and other formal wear are usually only required in law offices and financial sector offices. Women’s work clothes can vary. Women can wear everything from a suit to a dress, skirts, and blouses are acceptable.

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One of the main political problems that people have with the political system is the fact that there are different sources about the things being defined by the government. For example, there are are some Republicans that will state some information about a current plan of the government. Those who support the Republicans will only believe what the Republicans have said. This is the same with the Democrats.

They will only read what the other Democrats have to say. This is that one thing that is wrong with the political system of the United States – It is divided. This has made it harder for people to become open-minded about what other people have to say. If this would continue, then the nation will find it harder to progress.

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Rafael Edward Cruz,popularlyknownas Ted Cruz, was born in Calgary, Alberta. He was born to Eleanor Wilson on December 22, 1970. Currently, He is serving as junior United States senator in the state of Texas since 2013.

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Both groups were important to United States History. Federalists wanted a government that was stronger, while anti-federalist opposed this development. Federalist wanted the Constitution to be chnaged to help with the debt and help decrease the tensions from the aftermath of the American Revolution. Anti-Federalist opposed a change to the Constitution and wanted all the power to remain statewide and local.

People who lived in urban areas were mainly Federalist and they were dominated by big business. Anti-Federalist resided in rural areas and they were dominated by farmers. Both groups had prominent figures. Some Federalist included Alexander Hamilion and John Adams. Notable Anti-Federalist included Thomas Jefferson and Samuel Adams.

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In both parties, the objective of the caucus vote is to select delegates to attend a county convention. Each caucus sends some delegates based upon the population it represents. The delegates at the county convention in turn select delegates choose the delegates that go to the national convention. The caucus system dates to 1796 when American political parties emerged.

The caucus is a face to face meeting of party members of a legislative body to discuss or promoting the affairs of their particular party. The gathering determines who will be the party representatives to the national election. Caucuses, for the most part, are generally time-consuming because it involves discussing candidates, picking convention delegates, and dealing with state party business.

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No, an 18-year old will not be able to buy a handgun in the United States but he would be able to buy rifles and other guns. Take note that there are some differences with the laws and the regulations depending on the state that the 18-year old is from.

The reason why the handgun can only be acquired by those who are 21 years of age and above is because a lot of crimes that occur are still handgun related. This means that people use handguns in order to do crimes. With all of the recent shootings that have occurred, it is best if buying guns can be regulated further. It is not only handguns that can be used to make a crime happen.

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The Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriages in the United States. In this landmark decision, the majority of justices ruled that states must license same-sex marriages and also recognize marriages performed legally in other states.

The decision upholds the fourteenth amendment that requires a state to authorize a union joining two people of the same sex in marriage, acknowledging a marriage between two people of identical sex when their marriage was legally licensed and performed out of state. Gays asked for equal dignity in the eyes of the law. The constitution granted them that right. Before this groundbreaking decision was made, 36 states and the District of Columbia allowed gay couples to marry.

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Yes, the US dress codes are still outdated and sexist. For example, there are some women who are not allowed to wear crop tops because they are “inappropriate” and yet, boys can wear ripped jeans and they would not be called “inappropriate” at all. If the dress codes will be implemented, there should be fair implementation which means that boys have a lot of rules to follow the same as the girls.

The dress codes in the past were a bit detrimental to girl students at that time because they were not allowed to express themselves through their clothes. Dress codes should be created in order to make the learning environment healthier and more uniform. If it would be implemented the right way, it will create a huge difference in the learning system.

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To some degree, it makes sense because it helps to create a sense of equality among the students, and there is less confusion about what is or isn’t appropriate. Also, students who wear a school uniform typically experience a better sense of school spirit and unity with their peers.

Street clothes tend to separate the students into different social groups, which can be either negative or positive for students. However, if everyone is wearing similar outfits students are less likely to compare themselves with one another, and the main concern is tidiness.

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While tipping a waiter is not a compulsory act, I think the decision to do so should be based on the quality of service produced by a waiter or a waitress. In the United States, what people give as tip starts from 15 to 20 percent of whatever they are going to pay a bill. At times, what waiters get as tip depends solely on the quality of service. This means when people give 15 percent of their total bills as a tip, it shows the level of satisfaction they derived from the service they were provided with.

Tipping 20 percent also shows that you are pleased with what you enjoyed, and that's why you are able to give graciously. However, if you have the money, nothing is stopping you from giving more than 20 percent. In some restaurants in the United States, what their workers receive as wages are structured from different tips received. This means most restaurants pay their workers from tips received.

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