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The answer might be subjective as it is purely based on random people’s choice. However, I have not visited the places that serve the most delicious food but would definitely love to taste these foods whenever I get any chance.

So, are you ready to explore these cuisines which can make everyone drool? Let’s start with one by one (in ascending order).

  • Spain: If you are a food lover, you might be aware of Spanish food. The reason behind Spanish food’s popularity is that chefs of Spain beautifully know how to utilize the Roman Empire’s style. Spanish Cuisine is highly recognized for their mushroom dishes. Mostly, these dishes are made in olive oil.

  • Mexican: Mexican foods include beans, chili, corn etc. The food culture of Mexico is highly varied and even Mexican food is included in Spanish cuisine.

  • France: France is the source of perfect pastries in the world and it is said, French cuisine is tempting and contemporary. How can we forget about Creme Brulee if we are talking about French cuisine, after all, we always keep this food for our dinner parties? It is also believed that French people discovered cheese.

  • Italy: Italy has occupied the first place to serve the most appetizing food across the world. We rarely skip Italian food in our daily diet. Pizza and Pasta are the inventions of Italy. I think these things are more than enough to make you realize why people love Italian food the most.

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Are you one of them who is confused and can’t decide which cost-effective places should you go during vacations in the U.S. However, there are numerous affordable and attractive destinations in America where you can go. For that, you just need to read this answer carefully. Here, I am going to provide you America’s top-level and low-cost travel (not in ascending/descending order) destinations. Take a look at them:

  • Salt Lake City: The Great Salt Lake is one of the biggest attractions in Utah’s capital city. It costs just $3 per car. You can also visit the Utah Museum of Fine Arts and Hogle Zoo that are also inexpensive.

  • San Antonio: It offers a variety of options for the entire family that includes the River Walk, Alamo, and Tower of the Americas. It is one of the great options for a low-cost vacation in the U.S.

  • Jacksonville, Florida: This city has many affordable attractions that will keep you entertained when you get bored of all the things. You can see the beautiful artwork of the Cummer Museum with a lovely outdoor garden. Kids will love to visit Jacksonville Zoo.

  • Daytona, Florida: You can visit Daytona beach and very beautiful museums here during your vacation. When you’re done, you can see a live show at the Daytona Playhouse at cheap cost.

  • Phoenix: Here, you can enjoy a beautiful view of legendary golf courses and a few interesting sights like historic Tovrea Castle and the odd, and human-made mystery castle. And the Desert Botanical Garden enhances the beauty of Phoenix. To reach this place, you can travel via bus or valley metro rail and it will lie within your budget. Accommodations are under $100 per night.

Rest depends on your budget and preferences where you want to go to spend your holidays.

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Hi There,

Every country has its own policy for the visa, it might be different for all the countries. As every country has different visa policies for the visa, you cannot visit Taiwan with a Chinese Visa as Taiwan has its own visa policies.

To visit Taiwan, you need to apply for Taiwan Visa. So, in order to apply for Taiwan Visa, you should clear with the types & requirements of Taiwan visa. Before applying for a Taiwan visa, you need to decide the purpose of your visit to Taiwan and then apply for the visa accordingly.

Types of Taiwan Visa
Depending on the purpose of the visit, there are following types of visa-

  • Taiwan Tourist Visa:
    Taiwan Tourist Visa is a type of short-term visa. This visa is required by the people whose purpose is to enjoy the holidays or to meet their family/friends.

  • Taiwan Business Visa:
    Taiwan Business Visa is required by the person who visits the country to perform business activities. It includes Business Meetings, to expand or implement business, as long as the main goal is to perform some professional activities.

Taiwan Visa Requirements
In order to apply for Taiwan visa, you should know the documents required for Taiwan Visa-

  • Original Passport with 06 months validity & Old passport (if any).
  • 2 Photographs with a white background.
  • Covering letter mentioning the details of the traveler.
  • Hotel Accommodation.
  • Day-to-day itinerary.
  • Confirmed Air Tickets.
  • Professional Documents (Bank Statements, Leave Letter, Company Registration Proof)

Visa Processing Time
Generally, after submitting the documents, your visa will get processed in 7 - 8 working days. It may be delayed if there are lots of applications to process at the center.

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Deciding which country has the best food is a difficult task because the fare in each country is so different, catering to different pallets. Furthermore, not everyone enjoys the same types of dishes or levels of spice. There are a few countries that come to mind for having the best food. The first one being Mexico. We're not talking the Tex-Mex food or the overly commercialized fast food Mexican—no—real, traditional Mexican food with spices, chilies, and lots of beans. Next up is Greece.

Greek food is diverse, fresh, and healthy; not to mention tasty. Authentic Greek food features fresh ingredients with all the healthy fats and is not incredibly peppered. Last, but not least is Indian cuisine. Simmer sauces served over rice, with vegetables, and meat account for many delicious dishes here.

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After completing 12th study or graduation, it is common to question which confused the mind of students is which career I have to choose? What career I have to choose which have more scope now and in the future also.

This is the era of digitalization where students have a large source of information about what to do after the 12th, Which career is better.

Before choosing any career, I can suggest, please do an analysis of various career options available after the 12th or after graduation. There is a large number of choices present, and one must have to check which career has more scope in the future.

Taking admission to long-duration courses like degree courses are common, but there are various job oriented short term courses that are also available and which will land you a job directly after successful completion of these courses. One such example is travel and tourism courses after 12th.

Yes, if you are planning to have a successful career with a job guarantee, I would suggest short term courses in travel and tourism. So, whether you’re starting a new job or want to do a career in travel and tourism after 12th or career after graduation, keep short term courses in mind as a way to do it effectively.

Why a career in travel and tourism?

Traveling and tourism are one of the fastest-growing service sectors with a huge demand for skilled workforce in it. According to a survey, The travel and tourism industry is one of the world’s largest industries with a global economic contribution (direct, indirect, and induced) of over 7.6 trillion U.S. dollars in 2016. Travel and tourism are responsible for 8 percent of total employment opportunities all over the world.

Following are short term job oriented courses in travel and tourism sector

  1. Diploma in travel and tourism

. This course has a duration of less than a year and is a one-stop solution for a career in travel and tourism. It provides 100% practical training and 100% placement assistance. It is one of the best courses to start a career in travel and tourism after 12th or graduation.

Following is the syllabus for a diploma course

1. Travel formalities

This part includes all formalities related to passport, visa as well as travel Insurance.

2. Tour Packaging

This part includes all travel formalities related to tour packaging according to tourist requirements, how to do itinerary planning, etc.

3. International Air Ticketing

This section consists of all formalities related to air ticketing, related to international tourism and GDS software, etc.

Job opportunities after completing courses in travel and tourism

After completing courses in travel and tourism, there are huge job opportunities as well as demand for skilled workforce in the same sector as follows

National & State Tourism office

  1. Various Corporate Travel Companies
  2. Airline travel reservation companies.
  3. Ground staff at Airport
  4. Ticket Consolidators
  5. Foreign Exchange
  6. Tour Manager
  7. MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions)
  8. Travel insurance companies
  9. Tour guide
  10. Various travel agencies
  11. Immigration & Customs Departments
  12. Transportation: Management and operation in all varieties of transport (Rail/Cruise/Ferry/Bus/coach etc.)
  13. This concludes that candidates who are well trained and understand how the tourism industry works will definitely grow in this profession.

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One of the popular traditions celebrated in the United States is the Groundhog Day. It is celebrated on the second of February. This has been celebrated since 1886 when a groundhog comes out looking for his shadow after a long winter slumber. If he sees his shadow, he will take it as an omen to bad weather for 6 weeks and he will return to his hole.

If he does not see his shadow because the day is cloudy, he sees it as a good sign for spring is coming and will stay above ground. Punxsutawney is located in Pennsylvania, USA. When you take part in this tradition, you must have a hotel reservation months before it as hotels do not have any vacancies on Groundhog Day.

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San Gimignano has medieval aspects that sets it apart from many other places. Siena is a fascinating city in the South of Tuscany. Lucca is a medieval city, and Pisa has a lot to see, such as Piazza dei Miracoli, the Baptizers, The Cathedral, and the tower of Pisa. There are also some tremendous affordable restaurants in Florence.

These include Trattoria La Casalinga, Da Vinattieri, Sabatino, and Merbone. The Mercato Centrale is a market stacked with every produce Tuscany is famous for cultivating. They sell olive oil and fragrant white truffles. They have everything from Finocciona Salami to Pecorino cheese. Mercato Centrale is a beautiful place for anyone who is interested in food.

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There are a number of reasons why Amsterdam is such a popular tourist destination. For many people where marijuana is illegal, they find it fun to take a trip where it is not only sold in cafes but consumed in the streets without as much as a second glance. Other than marijuana, Amsterdam is home to Heineken beer and beautiful, functional canals.

To top things off, Amsterdam also has a red-light district that attracts visitors from all over the world. Some tourists are looking for an experience and many others just want to walk the streets to see the workers in the windows. The city of Amsterdam also has historical significance as it is home to the Anne Frank house and several museums.

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It was in the year 1981 when Qutub Minar was closed to the tourists. There are just so many tragedies that have occurred there. Those tragedies just cannot be ignored anymore. There are a lot of people who have died because of committing suicide in the area. There was also a stampede that has occurred in the tower.

This has left a lot of people dead. This is a popular spot because this is known to be one of the Islamic monuments built in India. This is considered to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Some still feel a bit disappointed that will not be open to the public anytime soon.

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Morocco is known as a glamourous place. There are many tourist attractions to do since so many people go there. One attraction is called the Volubilis which stands in ruins today. However, since it was once part of an ancient Roman conquest, many people visit it for its history. The Todra Gorge is a natural attraction where people go to see the Dades River and steep cliffs there.

Many foreign tourists want to see things that they can’t see anywhere else and this includes the sandy dunes that they have probably seen in movies. The dunes are called the Erg Chebbi dunes. To learn about the culture in Morocco, people may go to Fes-al-Bali. It is a city that is known for it look and culture.

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