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Superhero Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Superman is also called the Man of Steel. In fact, one of the most recent Superman movies is “Man of Steel,” which came out in 2013 starring Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel.

This is one of Superman’s nicknames because he’s pretty darn invincible. I mean, think about it. He’s bulletproof. No typical human weapon can really hurt him. Kryptonite is his open secret; it’s the only thing that can really do some damage.

All in all, Superman has some pretty super powers. (See what I did there?) He is able to take anything the world throws at him as Clark Kent, and then some as Superman. Since he is the Man of Steel, he can save earth while destroying half a city block in the process and still live to report on it the next day.

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Anchornman is a film that is part of a series of film of the same name. In the movie, it is set in 1974. The main character is Ron Burgundy. He is a prominent anchorman for a television station. He works with his friends that he has known for a long time. It is a comedy which stars several characters who are known for humor including Will Ferrell as the main character with Christina Applegate, Paul Rudd and Steve Carell.

At one point in the movie, Ron Burgundy makes a reference to a super hero who was denied a bank loan. He explains that this super hero was The Human Torch. The Human Torch was one of the first members of the Fantastic Four.

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All Might= Toshinori Yagi And AllMight´s A Pro Hero

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The real name of Shazam is Billy Batson. In the comics published by Fawcett and DC Comics, Shazam is an ancient wizard who chooses a kid named Billy Batson to give his power. This power can transform him to be a superhero named Captain Marvel.

But DC changed the titles to Shazam in 1973 and was officially changed Captain Marvel’s hero name to Shazam to avoid further conflicts with the same name as a Marvel superhero character. Back in the story, Shazam tells Billy that he is an ancient wizard from Egypt who has been fighting evil with his superpowers. Now that he is old, he needs to pass the power to Billy. All Billy needs to transform into a superhero is to shout SHAZAM.

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The answer to this question is B. Kyle Rayner is the name that is associated to Green Lantern. This person is known to be one of the high-ranking members of the Green Lantern Corps. This means that he is one of the members of this extraterrestrial corporation. There came a time when the whole corps was destroyed and he was the only member who survived.

He had to get the ring in order to continue on what the corps has started. Take note that before he became part of the corps, he was a graphic artist and he did not know anything about the Green Lantern Corps at all. He started to acquire a lot of aliases the more involved that he became.

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No false because it all mights name was proven to us by Gran Torino in season 2 during the internships. BTW all might's name is Toshinori Yagi

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He is also weak to magic and red sunlight and maybe some other stuff I can't quite remember

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The corect answer is A not B. The avengers logo is an A in a circle not an A with a strike through it look it up

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He was born with his powers!

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